About Vintage Cuties

The history of VintageCuties.com

Well, let's start with a bit of history. We started VintageCuties.com in 2005. Vintage erotica didn't promise anything good at that time for us; it was kind of a hobby to create this site after we happened to buy a small collection of 3000-4000 vintage photos (Hal McQueeney's collection and some more) for $300 from someone who was in dire need of cash.

Time passed, and we discovered that people were interested in and the comprehensive history of pornography. There was (and is now) demand for anything vintage: furniture, automobiles, fashion, design, etc. And the more people discovered the Internet, the more they wanted to see how it all started and how it evolved into what we all know. Now as erotica or porn.

So, people were curious to see what was forbidden before (that's natural), and some enthusiasts wanted to see what we had and wanted to share what they had. Vintage Cuties users were sending us their materials, and it was very time-consuming to do it "manually" for them and for us as well. We decided to allow our visitors to send digital copies of their and digitized versions of their 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, etc. "blue" and "stag" videos that their parents and hid in their lofts as precious icons of their erotic fantasies.

Then, after people were able to send us their materials in real-time through our web submission form, we started receiving vast amounts of exciting vintage porn material from all over the world. This didn't make us wait long until we put together a pretty fantastic collection of over 190,000 scans of vintage photos and over 1,300 that we call "Complete History of Porn," as this collection is the most extensive archive available on the net. The VintageCuties.com website by many visitors, press, and TV was called the #1 vintage erotica and pornography site on the Internet.

We believe that every adult person, for their own sophistication, needs to see these old warm pictures, and of course videos, with their dust and artifacts of time, to enjoy these of the past, women with real sparkles in their eyes and without that plastic acting as we all see in modern pornography. We have a place where we can see it and feel it. Why wouldn't we use the opportunity?

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