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1920 porn films

The earliest known porn films first appeared in France in the early part of the 20th century and then began to flourish in the 1920s. Known as "risqué" or "stag" films, these adult silent cinema loops were commercially available for private viewing. Blue films often featured sexy women masturbating and fucking.

1920 erotica

Women indeed didn't like this kind of porn. They wanted something less vulgar and something more than just seeing raw intercourse. And in the late 1920s, they had it! These erotic movies featured sexy women enacting real love stories with their handsome lovers. It was a revolution in the way we see retro erotica today. Women could now watch sexy girls having hot sex with each other.

1920 flapper girls

Flappers were young women living in the 1920s. They wore short hair, skimpy skirts, tight dresses, and high heels. They smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol like men, and enjoyed having sex with other women. Flapper girls were popular with men because they looked so cute, innocent, and readily accessible for premarital fucking. In addition, they had sexual experiences that they would never have dreamed of before.

1920s pinups

In the 1920s, pinups didn't exist yet, but photo sessions became much more erotic than before. Women started posing in bikinis, stockings, underwear, and lingerie. The men loved looking at them. They could see all the details of the female body. It was easy to imagine what it would be like to fuck these beauties. It didn't take long for burlesque pinup girls to start posing topless. Their boobs were bigger, and nipples were erect. However, men started asking for sex scenes.

1920s nude women

From to , stag films made naked women's bodies easily available to men. The male population craved to see nude women: big tits, hairy pussies, and sultry asses. Classic XXX films from the Roaring Twenties made men cum more often. Nudity, lesbian sex, and real hardcore fucking were much more sexually arousing to masturbate to.

1920s pornography

The nude films of the 1920s couldn't keep up with the growing demand for sexually explicit videos. Thus began the era of the production of pornographic films - the "Jazz age". Blowjobs, interracial, group sex, close-ups, mouthful cumshots, anal sex - French vintage porn directors of the twenties experimented with all kinds of hardcore fucking on camera, and men enjoyed watching 1920s porn!

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