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'40s nudists

In the 1940s, the term "nudist" meant someone who liked to swim naked. At first, nudists only met at beaches, but later, they began meeting in events where everyone could have fun and even fuck. There were nude parties, picnics, and barbecues. People went to nudist resorts. Others chose to stay home and practice naturism. Retro nudists didn't mind being filmed; they exposed themselves willingly. Some even had sex on camera, while others just posed and watched them fucking.

1940s burlesque

Burlesque in the '40s wasn't so innocent; it involved many sexual innuendoes. Some performers would wear lingerie. Then, they'd strip down to nothing. A dancer would start by performing a slow dance. Then, she'd move faster and faster until she was completely nude. Beautiful leggy babes were adored by male fans, especially when the girls stripped off naked. After the shows, some burlesque babes were involved in prostitution and even performed in porn films spreading their legs wide open and having their hairy pussies fucked. Many people thought that burlesque was immoral. However, this didn't stop them from going to see these performances.

1940s porn films

Real hardcore porn films were rare in the 1940s. The performers did not wear fake wigs or makeup. They just fucked naturally. Movies usually featured a young couple making out in bed, kissing each other passionately. Then, they got naked and began touching each other. The man rubbed the girl's boobs and nipples, moved down to her pussy, and licked her clit while fingering her wet cunt. The girl sucked dick, got fucked in the pussy, and then took an enormous load of jizz in her mouth. Right after that, she swallowed it all down. In the '40s, women rarely agreed to take cum in their mouths. There was almost no anal sex. This is an excellent example of a vintage 1940s porn scene from Vintage Cuties.

'40s nudes

Nude films from to were similar to modern erotica. 1940s nudes featured amateur women stripping off of clothes. The typical nudie stag film featured two lesbian women who wore bras and panties, sometimes - stockings. They often sat on chairs or couches. Their tits were exposed, and sometimes, they even took off their sexy underwear to show their pubic hair. Women's nipples were visible during many classic scenes girls loved touching them to make nipples hard. Sometimes, they played with each other's breasts or went down to licking each other's clits. There were no fake orgasms or faked moaning sounds. In fact, the first nude films were shot without any close-up shots.

'40s nude women

The 1940s brought us films with young women between 18 and 25 years old willing to show their nude bodies. To be adored by men, these teen girls had to expose their beautiful tits and uncover their hairy bushes. Ladies didn't shave their pussies, but they shaved their armpits and bikini line. While being filmed, some vintage porn stars liked to play with their pussies. They used fingers to rub themselves. Others masturbated using sex toys similar to dildos until they reached orgasms. Women of the '40s were no longer ashamed to show their naked bodies.

pinup girls

Pin-ups were erotic pictures of sexy ladies. Pinup girls were nude models who also appeared in adult nudie films during the 1940s. During this period, pin-ups were usually filmed in studios. Models wore revealing clothing and posed for photographers while slowly undressing to get completely naked. The models looked seductive because they were meant to attract men. When soldiers went to war, they would spend lots of time without women. That's why they took nude pin-ups with them to at least masturbate while seeing naked actresses XXX.

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