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"Pornographie" was used in the French language in the 1800s, and this word entered the English language in the 1850s. Daguerreotypes were usually anonymous, and they showed naked or skimpy-clothed women. The earliest pornographic daguerreotype was produced in . It shows an image of a man inserting his erect cock into a mature woman's pussy. Around , the development of new smaller, and simplified cameras allowed more amateur pornographers to try shooting porn. You'll be surprised to see how much hardcore smut Vintage Cuties were able to collect from the 1850s.

1800s nudes

Hippolyte Bayard, a French photography pioneer, was the first to capture a naked body! His nude self-portrait, entitled The Drowning, was shot in . It was just 1 year after the invention of photography! Louis Daguerre invented daguerreotype photography in , which meant opening Pandora's box for lovers of a nude female body. Many amateurs started experimenting with taking nudes of their wives, girlfriends, and babysitters. Some shot interracial retro nudes with blacks.

Sex in the 1800s

Sex in the 1800s was different than fucking today. It is considered that oral sex was kind of rare back then, and anal sex was almost non-existent. Sex mainly was vaginal intercourse. Men ejaculated inside the vagina as women could hardly take sperm in their mouths. The main sex positions were: doggy style, missionary, standing up, sitting down, and on top... Sex acts mostly took 5-10 minutes. Masturbation was a common thing among women. The first antique vibrator, a "percuteur," was invented around the 1870s. Watching pictures of girls pleasing their massively hairy pussies to orgasm was fun. Witness the fashion, style, and sexuality visible when watching XXX pics in our antique porn collection.


Women were always the center of attention when it came to nudity. Nudity was seen as something natural and sexy. In the 1800s, no laws were against the public showing your boobs or ass. Men loved seeing naked women being fucked. Women were often photographed while masturbating. The demand for porno images was huge, so they were sold at many public places such as bars, train stations, docks, barbershops, and fairs... Some genuinely hardcore XXX photographs were sold as singles by peddlers on the streets. Finding pics of group sex, lesbians, and even blowjobs wasn't easy. Luckily, Vintage Cuties has all the porn you could ever want to see. Subscribe today!

1800s nude photos

First French pictures were showing disrobing women. The experiments with taking pics of nude women didn't stop. Belloc led important research about color stereoscopy (3-dimensional photography). Everyone wanted to see those beautiful big tits and cunts as if they were real. In , halftone printing was used to reproduce nude photographs inexpensively. Photos of completely naked natives of Africa, India, or Arabia (primarily girls) illustrated the pages of prestigious journals like National Geographic. With nudes, erotica and vintage porn got their way to the early men's nude magazines.

19th-century erotica

It all started in France not only because France had the most beautiful women of the time but also because the first erotica photographers were French. Jean Louis Marie Eugène Durieu (1850s), Julien Vallou de Villeneuve (1850s), Auguste Belloc (1850s), Nadar (1860s), Bruno Braquehais (1870s), and Jean Agélou (1890s) were the pioneers of classic erotic photography, taking artistic pics of young nude women. The first models were mainly prostitutes from Paris who didn't mind exposing their tits and pussies for money.

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