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A small number of American porn films in the 1910s contained female nudity. Most of them were short silent loops showing two or three nude women. Between and , Johann Schwarzer produced 52 erotic stag movies, each containing young local women fully naked. None of the earliest pornographic films are known to have survived. Pornography was mostly about masturbation. Men liked to see women masturbating their hairy pussies. "Am Abend" () is a rare ten-minute German porno film that starts with a woman masturbating in her bedroom and then fucking with a man.

1910s nude women

In Germany in the 1910s, nudist attitudes toward the naked body were expressed in sports and the arts. Nudism was practiced by some people in Europe during the early part of the twentieth century. In the 1910s, several solo female dancers performed naked. Around this time, the demand for female nudity began to grow. However, just seeing bare tits was not enough. Men demanded fully nude bodies, and women could not leave their wishes unsatisfied.

1910s risque nudes

Unlike classic boudoir photography with intimate, sensual, romantic, and erotic shots, the risqué genre depicted the deepest and most secret sexual desires, showing full nudity, masturbation, oral sex, and hardcore intercourse. Historical risqué nudes were usually taken outdoors, in nature, in gardens, parks, beaches, forests, etc., where the models could feel free from being disturbed by other people. Young and sultry nuns with hourglass figures, middle-sized boobs, and big asses exposed their nude bodies in various poses before masturbating their hairy cunts and finally moving to blowjobs and XXX fucking.

1910s erotica

The production of erotic films began almost immediately after the invention of the motion picture. Retro erotica was often distinguished from nudity because nude subjects were not necessarily presented in erotic situations. 1910s erotica was used to express sexual feelings through visualization. Women would pose naked in front of mirrors, sometimes with props such as candles or flowers. Their pussies were usually slightly covered to let the imagination run wild. Still, men could freely enjoy plenty of naked breasts from different angles. Women did not need to be beautiful to get into porn. Some girls were overweight or even plain looking. The most popular ones were those who were considered sexy at the time.

1910s burlesque

Burlesque in the United States refers to performances in a variety show format. These were popular in the 1910s, often in cabarets and clubs, and frequently featured sexy female striptease and included nudity. Burlesque girls danced on stage wearing revealing costumes. Some girls wanted to earn an extra buck, so they had private show sex with wealthy burlesque visitors after the shows. The most adventurous babes posed nude for the camera effortlessly, masturbated, and even fucked.

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