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In the 1900s, the relationship between the silver screen and erotica was established. The crowd could watch films that showed naked girls in provocative poses without having to go to a brothel. Boobs, nipples, asses, and pussies, even if they were artistically covered, drove erotic arousal. Such visuals made men imagine ladies taking off their clothes and lying on beds waiting for men to fuck them.

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Early vintage nudes gave men an opportunity to masturbate with risqué visuals of hot nude women instead of only thinking about them. The antique 1900s scenes of women kissing and caressing each other's breasts and pussies were good for foreplay, but the male population demanded more. Nude films became more explicit and hardcore. Blowjobs, pussy eating, and lesbians were added to the mix.


The earliest pornographic motion picture was shot in France in . "À l'Écu d'or ou la Bonne Auberge" (French: "At the Écu d'or or the Bonne Auberge") features a soldier who has sex with a servant girl at an inn. The Argentinian "El Satario" is the name of one of the earliest surviving porno films dated around -. This classic XXX movie was the first to use extreme close-ups of pussy and cock. It shows a "satyr" receiving and performing oral sex with a young woman and then fucking her.

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1900s nudie films featured naked women in various lewd positions, like sitting on a chair, standing, kneeling, bending over, spreading legs, etc. Some girls would be completely naked, exposing their sexy boobs and hairy pussies. The others would pose in underwear or other skimpy outfits. Often, the actresses were prostitutes hired specifically for more softcore pornographic shots. Some of these historic erotic videos are still available on Vintage Cuties. So you have a strong reason to subscribe and watch the vintage smut.

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"At the Slave Market" ("Am Sklavenmarkt" in German) is a silent Austrian vintage porn film 50 meters (160 ft) long. This retro movie shows 4 teenage slave girls getting their naked bodies and tits inspected by an Arab officer, followed by fucking in the tent. The audience wanted more than just seeing nudity or a couple having sex. The men insisted on seeing the whole fucking act, including the blowjob, pussy penetration, and cumshot.


"What the Butler Saw" is a British 1900s mutoscope (an early motion picture device) reel with an erotic film. The plot depicts a voyeuristic "butler" watching an undressing woman through the keyhole in her bedroom. Such "porn loops" were usually shown at male-only gatherings. Men had to pay to watch them. Raw hardcore sex scenes started showing up after ; the rest is history.

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