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Get a glimpse into the history of vintage Chinese porn more than any material you'll watch or read on the internet, considering there aren't many ancient Chinese porn pics on the subject anyway.

VintageCuties features vintage Chinese porn pics in this category, some older than the supreme Chinese Communist Party. Witness the vintage porn photos featuring hot Chinese nude babes from the 1910s to the 1970s.

Watch the trailblazers of Chinese porn fucking in grainy 35 mm and SLR camera photography. Most of the XXX pictures in this category have lousy scenery, but that is expected for images taken during the sepia-tone photography era when the emphasis was placed on erotic action, not the background.

While China has always cracked down on the production and distribution of porn (that's why there are no adult magazines from China), VintageCuties can assure you that Chinese porn does exist, even old Chinese porn dating back to the Victorian era.

Although China has always had a fuzzy relationship with porn, an underground porn industry has existed within its borders. Asian porn has been as popular as today, partly fueled by the strict censorship that makes it even more sought after.

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