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Centerfold is a popular term coined around the 1950s by Playboy's co-founder to refer to the middle sheet of the magazine. This conspicuous middle section was a reserve of sexy pin-up models of the time posing seductively in a natural setting.

The first Playboy centerfold featured sassy Marilyn Monroe in what many believe was the genius marketing hack responsible for the magazine's phenomenal success. Soon, the models on the middle pages of magazines were referred to as centerfold models.

Tons of centerfolds sprung up after Monroe and made big breaks in film, particularly in vintage porn. We catalog some of the vintage centerfold Porn Videos of the golden age era through to the '80s.

The films cast famous classic centerfolds that came after Monroe. The women are gorgeous. We're talking big titties, massive ass, and alluring curves - everything that would quickly make the average perv stroke one out.

Catch the outstanding acts of the famous 1960s stripper Nancy Brown, the busty Candy Barr, teen Lilian Parker, and Elaine Everett, among many others.

The girls flaunt their big breasts, touch their naked bodies sensually, and some, like Michelle Webber, brave wild threesomes.

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