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This page features steamy vintage masturbation porn pics, some as old as over a century ago. Find horny women fingering their itchy cunts solo and men masturbating their hard dicks erotically until they cum explosively.

There're also dozens of vintage porn pictures with mutual masturbation where the fingering or cock stroking is done by the sexual partner pending erotic fucking.

Back then, as it is today, couples masturbated separately or jointly for foreplay or sometimes during sex. Meet horny housewives masturbating with their fingers and sex toys and getting preyed on by shameless voyeurs. Sexually-starved men also masturbate their cocks for the tremendous sexual pleasure it brings.

Masturbation is an ancient sexual practice, probably as old as penetrative sex. The act of masturbation has been depicted in prehistoric art and mentioned in early erotic literature to prove how old it is. It involves manually stimulating one's genitalia for sexual arousal or climax.

Wanking is said to light up the pleasure zones of the brain just like penetrative sex, which explains why some people survive(d) on it. The taboo surrounding masturbation declined around the beginning of the 20th century with the rise of adult magazines. Men became liberal in their jerking-off practices.

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