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Jenene Swenson seemed like she was up to try anything at least once and maybe twice if it didn't hurt too bad the first time. This voluptuous vintage pornstar was a star in her native Sweden, but also brought her boobs and ample talents across the ocean to the USA for a mix of softcore and and plenty of .

Kinky blonde Jenene Swenson in provocative white stockings gently rubs her pussy against a sward

Kinky blonde Jenene Swenson in provocative white stockings gently rubs her pussy against a sward

Very busty Swedish vixen Jenene has tits that are so fantastic they will make you sweat

Jenene Swenson's breasts were so fantastic that they couldn't be ignored. Even if they are not the focal point of a picture or a scene, you can't help but let your eyes drift to them. Her boobs are like the sun with everyone's lust-filled eyes orbiting around them waiting for a glance.

As amazing as her were, her legs were not to be overlooked. Trim, sexy and long, Jenene often showed her legs off in a variety of different thigh high , garters and . In one picture, she is relaxing in a chair with her legs spread wide open, and her skirt hiked up. As she rubs her pussy, her fantastic legs are on full display and look incredible in her very tall, sexy high heels.

Right from the beginning of her career in , Jenene Swenson showed that she was fearless by doing some pretty edgy, crazy photo shoots. She performed under variations of the names Jenny Swanson, Denise Swenson, and Big Tits Malloy. Some of those shoots included some very close-up shots of her fantastic breasts. In one picture, she pulled her tit to her mouth and licked her nipple. In another shot, she pressed her natural DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) boobs together so she could expose her massive areolas that looked like saucers you would want to serve tea on.

Things took a much more hardcore turn in her shoots when she would lay back and spread her legs wide open so she could play with her wet pussy or when she got very kinky and spread her pussy wide open so she could impale herself on the tip of a bed post. While all the other were being demure and did very softcore nudity, Jenene was taking things to a whole new level.

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Jenene Swenson does hardcore porn, bondage, and some red hot big tit worship

Not happy with just showing off her fantastic tits and , Jenene posed for a series of that found her tied up and her massive melons being punished. In the series, she is tied to the footboard of a bed. At first her wrists are bound, and her breasts have a few ropes across them. As the series progresses, there are more and more ropes used to tie her boobs, and the ropes are tied harder and harder. This retro model eventually ends up with her tits fucked against her body and a rope running right through her sweet, hairy pussy. She cries out in pleasure and pain as this kinky Sweden gets all she can handle.

While she was very popular in many men's magazines and had a huge following among guys who love women with gargantuan boobs, Jenene Swenson had ambitions that went far beyond the printed page. The porn world was starting to grow, and she decided it was her time to make the jump to porn movies. Right from the start she was very popular. On all fours, her would swing. If this long-legged star were on top of a guy, they would jiggle, and she could smother a man between them in any given scene.

Jenene made a number of hardcore porn flicks that were pretty traditional. There were plenty of scenes where men worshiped her huge tits, sucked on her nipples or laying their cocks between her boobs and there were plenty more scenes where she gave some world class and got fucked good and hard. Her glorious round ass would bounce up and down on a guy like she was a horny cowgirl out on the range.

We don't get a lot of views of Jenene's ass, but when it does fill the screen it is a sweet, cheeky treat. Jenene Swenson proved to be a natural on camera. She was game to try just about anything that made her very popular with producers and fans alike.

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Jenene Swenson uses aliases and fucks her way into the 1980s

Throughout her nine-year career, Jenene sometimes used different names. Her most common alias was Jenny Swanson, but in some publications she was also billed as Jenny Winston. In "Las Vegas Girls" () adult movie she was credited as Denise Swenson. No matter what name she may have gone by, her photo shoots and videos were always charged with an undeniable sexual energy that made her a force of nature.

This doll continued starring in porn videos, mostly "Swedish Erotica" SUPER 8 mm film loops, through the end of the and into the 1980s. When she wasn't shooting XXX movies she still modeled for various men's magazines: "Oftly," "Connoisseur Series," "Big Ones," "Juggs," "Tit Parade," "Gent," "Fling," "Super Scoop," "Cavalier" and many others. Sometimes she wore blonde and brunette wigs and glasses to make her look more experienced and . As the 1980s rolled on and Jenene hit her 40s, she started slowing down and soon retired from the industry in .

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Jenene Swenson wiki and facts
Years active1976-1985
In business9 years
AliasesJenny Swanson, Denise Swenson, Big Tits Malloy, Jenny Winston
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