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What can you say about Mary Waters that has not been said before? She became America's first famous pornstar for a reason. She had an endearingly cute face that kind of reminded you in a little way of Valerie Bertinelli in her prime. But a lot of men - too many men - missed her face entirely while focusing on her - those monstrous, shapely tits. And if you managed to pull your eyes away from the buxom beauty's whoppers, you got trapped into staring at her chubby pussy with dark, dense bush instead.

Innocent looking Mary Waters lying on a furry bed with her huge cushiony tits

Innocent looking Mary Waters lies on a furry bed with her huge cushiony tits

So what drives a seemingly to become one of the hottest pornstars of the '70s? A rocky childhood helped to create that motivation. Mary Waters was born in (age 71), and her father was a career army officer moving around from post to post. At some point, he was assigned to Fort Lewis, Washington (), where this busty harlot spent a lot of her formative years.

She dropped out of school at an early age, started sewing her wild oats (that included some promiscuous sex), became a hippie "flower-power" girl of the era, and by the she was married. However, being a without any marketable skills was not in life's deck of cards for this . She was divorced in - a single mother with two offspring in tow.

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Mary Waters works in men's entertainment to make ends meet, but achieves so much more

So what does a single do to make ends meet? Initially, she worked in crappy places as a waitress. However, the busty divorcee later assessed what she had to offer, and decided to utilize her "assets." It just happened to be that Mary Waters' assets were her body and her natural sex drive. So she quit the Maine commune she had called home and moved to New York City (USA), taking jobs as a waitress and escort.

Mary also did some dancing in Times Square peep shows and stages. Apparently she was quite good at entertaining men. Packing 48-32-40 inches (122-81-102 centimeters, see Table 1) measurements, 5 feet, 10 inches (178 centimeters) height and 170 pounds (77 kilograms) weight, this beauty was unafraid to play with her pussy and finger her clit while gyrating around on stage while her audience beat their meat in synch to her movements. As the men got their rocks off, they also emptied their wallets and showered this honey with cash.

Big tits, big bush, a big frame and a cute face equal a chubby lover's dream

And it's easy to see why the men loved this busty girl. Mary Waters had a marvelous set of 48DDD/F US (110F EU/Int, see Table 2) or DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cup tits that were impossible to ignore no matter which way she posed her body. These were bound by gravity to move in whatever way she turned or angled for the camera. And if this pornstar squeezed her boobs together - and she often did - a human canyon was formed in her cleavage. Or maybe she twisted one of her breast's enormity up towards her mouth for a tiny lick on the ginormous nipple.

Mary's - they had to be! They were the finishing touch on what were enormous tits and had to stand out to be noticed. You just knew these boobs were the ones the good Lord blessed her with because they had qualities that screamed "these are real!" Tiny, little stretch marks ran along their periphery. Some photos showed veins prominently displaying themselves through her very fair breast skin.

Surprisingly, this queen had fairly thin legs for a woman with her bust, and this afforded her chances to twist and squat into poses you would think are not possible for a lady of her proportions. Mary Waters frequently kept her hidden from view when modeling. However, the few images where it pops into view shows a rear end with a little spread on it which is typical for bigger-sized girls. Any man with a or chubby will be in heaven looking at it.

Of course, it helps this chubby beauty had an incredibly cute face that men wanted to see in action. She had long, wavy auburn hair that draped over her shoulders gracefully and nicely framed her face. This lady had an engaging smile when she turned her head towards the camera that looked as if she was greeting any man looking at her as an old friend. Mary had fair eyes, and she would accent them with deep, dark mascara.

When looking at her , you just instinctively knew you were beholding something from another time. A dark, hairy tangle of pubic hairs flashed out towards the camera and made a beeline towards her asshole. In many of her pictures, Mary Waters would take her beautifully manicured fingers and worked her way through the tangled strands to play with her pussy. From the look on her face, you knew she just loved what she was doing in these scenes.

And while this goddess was a larger sized woman, this did not stop her from exhibiting her sexiness with sexy lingerie. Garter belts and thigh-high ? No problem for this busty cutie. See-through negligee? A perennial favorite with this honey. In one or two photos, she even put on a man's work shirt and popped her sizable boobs through the unbuttoned opening. The plumper knew how to make it all look natural and sexy at the same time.

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With her nudie show success achieved, Mary Waters moves into magazines and films

Needless to say, a with attractive assets like Mary was bound for success in men's magazines. She did numerous and pictorials in "Gent" in the '80s. Because of her Rubenesque appearance, publications with a special focus like "Kingsize," "Voluptuous" and "Bustout" called on her talents. To keep her name and image fresh, this busty harlot worked under a variety of names, including Linda Penny, Dani Fabroso, Melissa Anne, Cher, Cher Waters, Dolly, Noreen, and May.

From magazines, this big-breasted pornstar moved into film work as well. She was featured in multiple releases of the "Titanic Tits" series in the and also appeared in her own features under the title "The Four Films of Mary Waters."

At some point, this busty beauty called it quits, and this stayed quiet for a number of years; however, she has recently made some waves. Mary has said she is thinking of making her own website to celebrate her heyday. She has become a nowadays, lost weight, and changed her hair color. We hope she comes back into the public eye to thank her for the incredible work she gave us in her earlier years.

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Mary Waters body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Mary Waters physical body statistics
Height5 ft 10 in178 cm
Weight170 lb77 kg
Bust size48 in122 cm
Waist size32 in81 cm
Hip size40 in102 cm
Measurements48-32-40 in122-81-102 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Mary Waters?

Table 2

Mary Waters bra size and breast cup size
Bra size48DDD/F110F48E125F10F26EF110
What bra and cup size did Mary Waters wear?
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