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The vintage Golden Age of Porn photos page pays homage to the XXX pics taken during this critical era in vintage porn history.

These images highlight some of the famous actions of the period, many of which remain a big deal several decades later. Watch steamy blowjob photographs, hardcore sex photographs, outdoor activities, etc.

The Golden Age of Porn in the commercial American adult industry was 15 years between and which arguably shaped the course of the porn industry as we know it today.

Adult pictures received overwhelmingly positive attention from magazines and critics during this period. They were widely accepted by the general public.

The legalization of pornography in Denmark on July 1, led to a Golden Age of Porn period in the United States that began in June, , which had subsequently spread internationally.

Unlike pics from previous years, particularly before World War II, images from the Age of Porn were colored. They had a better picture quality and resolution.

Most of the photos have staging, and you can catch the background, something that photographers before this era were not into.

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