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This page hosts vintage big ass porn pics from as far back as the 1910s. This was the period before fake butts became prominent. Enjoy our collection of big ass porn pictures from the Edwardian era until the '70s.

Watch the slutty babes of the classic eras thrill naughty men with their big bubble butts. Notice that the best fucking position for girls with big butts has often been doggy-style.

Some men with big cocks would experiment with other conventional sex styles and still manage to get the big-ass women moaning and eventually climaxing. VintageCuties can assure you that every ass in the vintage porn images you're about to watch is as organic as it appeared in classic sex magazines.

It's no secret that men are infatuated with women with big butts. Evolution scientists believe that ancient men developed a sexual attraction towards women with big booties because they were convinced they'd sustain a healthy pregnancy and pass the DNA to their offspring.

Perhaps it's for the same reason that the modern man is obsessed with a big ass, or maybe we just love the view of a juicy ass during doggy-style fucking and how bubbly they get whenever they shake.

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