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Take a tour back in time and explore how the 70s woman sucked dicks. Spoiler alert: they never feared choking on a monster schlong or mouthfuls of fresh cum, for that matter. They were wild and promiscuous, especially around men with big cocks.

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A lot of porn was created in the 1930s and 1940s after the effects of the Great Depression dissipated. The global economy was roaring back to life. Asahiflex (now Pentax) had just invented the first SLR camera to take over from the 35 mm.

Shooting with the SLR cameras was cheaper, Canon, Yashica, and Nikon cameras sported 135 film. This retro equipment also produced better quality pics compared to their predecessors. It was a new dawn for the adult industry and porn in particular.

Porn photographers of the time experimented with fresh ideas. Initially, no one cared about text, or character development. People craved action, and pornographers gave them precisely that.

The vintage porn photos in this section are a collection of retro porn spanning several photography eras from the '30s to the '60s and '70s when porn magazines became widespread.

Even with text, these XXX mags featured wild sex photographs, as the viewers liked. The pics cover many traditional porn categories and feature as much action.

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