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Roberta Pedon had two big positive features working for her. First, she hit her stride in the adult entertainment industry in the when this field was on the upswing. Second, she had an enormous bust - I mean giant! Her big tits were so prominent that it was easy to miss the rest of this retro buxom babe. And not looking at the rest of this would be a crime, because she was delicious all over her body.

Gorgeous blonde Roberta Pedon spreading her long legs to expose a delicate bush

Gorgeous blonde Roberta Pedon spreads her long legs to expose a delicate hairy pussy

Roberta was born on , in Ohio or California under the tongue-twister of a name Rosma Laila Grantovskis (or Grantoviskis). Her parents were Latvian Jews who came to the United States no doubt fleeing what had inflicted upon their country and Europe in general. Interestingly, by the time this cutie graduated from high school, she was fluent in Portuguese.

Not wanting to live her life in the boring and placid Midwest, this busty honey headed out for the West Coast and settled first in San Francisco (USA) as a . However, after separating from her then-boyfriend, she packed up and moved to Venice Beach to pursue a career.

While in Southern California, she came to the attention of glamour photographers Bob Ellison and John Kirk, who gave this darling lass her start in men's publications. She worked under a number of aliases, including Melody O'Hare, Roberta Weaver, Robin, Robbie, Sam, Ms. Pedon, Mellissa Olivia Martin, and Mooschi.

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Roberta Pedon was incredibly cute and loved playing up the "hippie chick" in her photo work

So what made this woman so famous back in her day? While Roberta's main feature was her natural 36DDD/F US (80F EU/Int, see Table 3) breasts, no doubt part of her attraction was her cute face and the engaging looks she gave the camera. Roberta Pedon had long, flowing auburn hair which ran slightly wild in her work. Her dark eyes and charming smile were always on hand in her photographs. The look she gave the camera did not really say "I'm horny or lust-filled" so much as "I'm really, really and you should agree with that!."

The fact that this large-chested vintage pornstar played up the "hippie chick" angle in her work via her hairstyle and clothing choices meant that viewers could look at Roberta's photos and think (mistakenly or not) that she might be tripping or even slightly high when posing for the cameraman.

Her was a real show-stopper, too. While unshaved, it still formed a perfect V-shaped triangle between her thighs and was rather dense, with a little skin showing between the stripes of her pubic hairs.

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Nude big tits Roberta Pedon strips out the nightgown in the bathroom

Without a doubt, it was the tits on this cutie that grabbed everyone's attention

However, it was this woman's breasts that captured everything. She packed an DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cup on a body frame that was 5 feet, 7 inches (170 centimeters) tall and measured 36-23-35 inches (91-58-89 centimeters, see Table 2). These all natural boobies let gravity take its full force and effect upon them. Unmistakable stretch marks appeared on the periphery of each boob. Her massive areolas were capped off by quarter-sized nipples that stood like sentries on the end of each tit.

And it seemed that the rest of this honey's body was designed to give added emphasis to the enormity of her . She had very slender and graceful arms and legs which lacked any fat, making the grand scale of her boobs all the more spectacular. Her ass was tight and cellulite-free. Finally, Roberta Pedon obviously loved her California sunshine as evidenced by her prominent tan lines which featured widely in her work.

The pale complexion of her breasts sharply contrasted with the much darker tone of her abdomen, legs and arms. Everything it seemed acted as support parts to throw all attention on her tits.

The costumes used by this chick - when she was dressed at all - were salutes to the time she worked in. A lot of hippie fashions were at play. Headbands, denim jeans, tie dyes, and crazy color print patterns all screamed the period. However, Roberta Pedon's photographers were not stupid. They also put her in clothing which accentuated her ridiculous bust as well, such as and low cut .

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The magazines come calling to feature this huge-breasted darling

Needless to say, much of her work was done with an emphasis on showing off her tits. She was widely featured in the publications "Gem," "Fling," "Gent," "Mayfair," "Nymphet," "Whoppers" and "The Swinger."

Roberta also appeared in the sexploitation film "Delinquent School Girls" (a production also known by the title "Carnal Madness"), which also featured appearances by pornstars Nika Movenka and Rosalie Strauss. Roberta Pedon starred in a number of 8 millimeter short film reels, too. She also auditioned for the lead female role in the Jan-Michael Vincent film "Buster and Billie." You can watch videos and enjoy Roberta naked with her big bush and sexy hangers inside of Vintage Cuties members area if you join now.

Sadly, just when this bosomy vixen was really hitting her stride as one of the top big-bust models of the '70s right into the , she was cut down in her prime. She died on , at the age of 28 from liver disease. No doubt this was attributable to the life she led while working in adult entertainment. Roberta had serious drug and alcohol problems and was hospitalized twice for overdoses. She also had many lovers and sex partners, too, never letting go of old boyfriends (which she would hit up and screw on infrequent bases) while accumulating new partners.

This chesty classic sex star frequently dabbled in prostitution to make ends meet as well and was seen walking on the Los Angeles "stroll" where sex workers would ply their trade. Despite her off-camera life, film producers loved her and would continue to recycle her work in later productions, however, including the pictures "Big Bust Superstars" (), and "Big Bust Babes" ().

Roberta Pedon was a mouth-watering big breast model which unfortunately has been lost to adult film history. Vintage Cuties seeks to keep her memory, and those of other sexy superstars, alive. Get your membership today and see who else we pay tribute to within our website.

Roberta Pedon body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Roberta Pedon wiki and facts
BornMay 2, 1954
DiedJuly 30, 1982 (aged 28)
Years active????-1976
AliasesRosma Laila Grantovskis, Rosma Laila Grantoviskis, Melody O'Hare, Roberta Weaver, Ms Pedon, Ms. Pedon, Mellissa Olivia Martin
What are the interesting facts about Roberta Pedon?

Table 2

Roberta Pedon physical body statistics
Height5 ft 7 in170 cm
Bust size36 in91 cm
Waist size23 in58 cm
Hip size35 in89 cm
Measurements36-23-35 in91-58-89 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Roberta Pedon?

Table 3

Roberta Pedon bra size and breast cup size
Bra size36DDD/F80F36E95F4F14EF80
What bra and cup size did Roberta Pedon wear?
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