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Michelle Webber had big tits - really . This set her apart from her smaller-breasted but far more numerous sisters in the pornographic industry. Because of her massive mammaries, she was able to distinguish herself in porn in the late '70s and early - right when it was beginning to take off. But her hangers not only set her apart but also revealed her potential to go far in the adult entertainment industry as this nymphomaniac had intense skills at fucking both men and women with zeal.

Chubby brunette Michelle Webber aka Toby Wenig shows her bush and soft breasts popping out of her purple blouse

Chubby brunette Michelle Webber shows her hairy pussy and sexy tits pop out of her purple blouse

Michelle obviously learned about "the birds and the bees" in her formative years and took away great lessons from these times. No one manages to walk into the adult entertainment industry like this vintage pornstar did and exhibit such sexual talent without lots and lots of practice. What else do we know?

Michelle Webber was starring porn films for 13 years, from to . She operated under a couple of aliases, including Toby Wenig, Betty Carter, and Lisa. And she naturally earned the big tit classification from her size - she measured out at a whopping G cup US (H EU/Int).

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Michelle Webber had all the equipment to become a top-billed porn star in her day

However, the rest of her was rather petite. Michelle Webber appeared to be average height and was slender in weight and build. She broke the general rule that "big boobs are attached to big girls." She had very slim arms and legs which accentuated her hourglass figure. Her stomach was amazingly flat and served to highlight her breasts even more.

She was also very, very cute. This busty honey had long, wavy dark auburn hair that looked natural with her Mediterranean complexion, sharp, prominent nose and dark eyes. We do not know if Michelle is of , Spanish, or Jewish heritage, but she certainly had that appearance. However, she had enough of that "look" that she was cast in an 8 millimeter loop film called "J.A.P. #8" (to the unknowing, "J.A.P." stands for "Jewish American Princess").

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Michelle Webber fucked in a threesome group sex orgy

The massive breasts on this bombshell, however, really set her apart from other pornstars

Once you pulled your gaze away from her face, however, you were inevitably drawn to the amazing 38G US (85H EU/Int, see Table 2) boobs on this machine. There is no mistaking that her tits were all natural. The side profile photos of Michelle showed gravity having a pronounced draw on these whoppers. She also had the telltale little lines of stretch marks working their way from her armpits down towards the ends of her breasts.

Her perfectly circular areolas were capped off by pointy nipples which, because of the weight of these hangers, were aiming towards the ground. The size of these boobs was of such magnitude that, when she squeezed them together, a canyon of cleavage was created for men to dream of what to slip between these fleshy mountains.

Since she worked in , Michelle Webber also exposed her for everyone to see as well. And what a box she had! The pubic hair on this busty fucker should have had a label on it saying "product of the late 1970s - early ." The viewer was greeted with a tight but dense forest of dark that ran a couple inches (5 centimeters) above her vagina down through her taint and orbited around her asshole. You'll have plenty of and real hardcore action featuring Michelle's furry cunt and massive hangers if you watch her porn videos inside of Vintage Cuties, don't wait, join right now!

Men were prone to miss the ass on this cutie because her front view dominated so much of the action. And this is too bad because Michelle had a very tight and very . It was not large at all. Instead, like her arms and legs, it was rather petite. However, it had hot curves and added to the allure of this woman as slender in everything but her chest.

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Michelle Webber begins acting on film and photos, and shows a zeal for fucking

Equipped as she was, this woman with the giant bosoms was soon cast in short loop movies and playing supporting roles in porn films. Her first screen appearance was in a rather obscure production called "Deep Encounters." She followed this up with "XXX Bra Busters" (late 1970s), "Peepshow Loops," "Softcore Nudes" and three appearances in the "Swedish Erotica" series ( and two in ). In her on-camera appearances, Michelle Webber showed her real versatility by eagerly taking dicks in her pussy, mouth and ass with joy.

This well-endowed retro sex star also appeared in numerous men's magazines both posing solo as well as fucking in still shots. Needless to say, many of these magazines were dedicated to women who were well-endowed in the chest area. Her first appearance was in "Squire" magazine in .

Other publications included "Sappho," "Spezial" (from West Germany), "Floppers" and "Big Bra." Probably her most famous photographic appearance was a 16 photo series in "Swedish Erotica #303" with the legendary John Holmes, whom she serviced with her mouth and pussy until he exploded and decorated her face with his spunk.

However, this busty beauty did not limit herself to men only. She did many magazine pieces working with women in . It was evident from both the volume of material and the lustful gaze in her work that Michelle was and enjoyed fucking girls. She almost as much as she sucked cock.

In an effort to keep her look fresh and captivating, Michelle worked with a rotating series of wardrobes that both added to her lustful appearance as well as showed off her best assets. Breast-augmenting clothing like and low-cut bras were, of course, staple items in her camerawork. However, sexy and garter belts were frequently used to highlight the sexy legs and body on this bombshell.

For whatever reason, Michelle Webber stopped working in men's entertainment in . She is one of the many women who helped make the men's adult entertainment the juggernaut that it is today. To see more of these ladies who crafted the industry, get a membership at Vintage Cuties now and see just what we have on offer.

Michelle Webber wiki, interesting facts, bra & cup sizes

Table 1

Michelle Webber wiki and facts
Years active1973-1986
In business13 years
AliasesToby Wenig, Betty Carter
What are the interesting facts about Michelle Webber?

Table 2

Michelle Webber bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38G85H38F100H5H16GG85
What bra and cup size did Michelle Webber wear?
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