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Here's VintageCuties' collection of vintage rough porn pics from the Edwardian era with action from the Roaring Twenties until the '80s.

Watch the kinky men and women of the respective eras indulge in the best rough sex you've ever seen in antique pornographic film images. Unfortunately, you can't hear the women moan and scream from the thorough fucking in vintage porn pics from the sepia-tone photography era. Still, you'll undoubtedly catch the reaction from the Golden Age of Porn.

Rough sex technically refers to sexual behaviors the typical man finds a little more aggressive compared to what would pass as your basic vanilla fucking. It features rigorous acts such as hair pulling, choking, spanking, deep-throats, anal, rougher play with bigger toys, and all the aspects of BDSM as seen in retro XXX magazines.

Different women preferred different kinds of sex, and for as long as humans have existed, there've been girls whose vanilla sex just didn't cut it for them. Ladies preferred big cocks, huge sex toys, lip biting, and anything besides missionary humping. Crazy doggy-style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, hardcore anal, and everything kinky tickles their fancy.

Classic written literature and visual erotic arts all suggest that rough sex has been a part of us from the beginning of time and was passed from generation to generation. The first pornographic XXX pictures taken also featured rough fucking action.

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