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Wrestling sex was a thing of the Roaring Twenties - a creation of the naughty flappers of the jazz decade - that remained relevant until the late 1970s. Dying to find out how it was executed? Here are some vintage wrestling porn pics from when it started on this page.

You'll notice that the vintage porn pictures from the '30s tend to be more aggressive and can be easily misconstrued for something else. Still, upon monitoring the girl's reaction in adult magazine photos, you discover she's in on it and enjoys living in the moment.

Some kinky BDSM action falls into the wrestling category, and also rough group sex that starts in playful wrestling and ends in thrilling sex.

One of the day's most bizarre but compelling foreplays was gentle, playful wrestling. Not wrestling in the violence sense, but something horny lovebirds would intentionally do that somehow ended up in both being naked and fucking amorously.

Like pillow fights among lovers, sex wrestling was executed flirtatiously. At some point, the guy would be on top of the girl, and before you know it, they'd be undressing hurriedly, kissing, and fucking hardcore.

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