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Roxanne Brewer had a body that was just begging to be seen by the public. Her sexy body gave her that curvy, but still somewhat athletic look and her massive tits and caused her to be so top heavy it is hard to see this MILF doing any job other than topless pornstar modeling. From her humble beginnings in the pages of men's magazines in the to starring in a number of and even some mainstream films, Roxanne and her incredible rocked the entertainment world.

Naughty babe Roxanne Brewer wears nothing but her sexy heels and a booty to die for

Naughty babe Roxanne Brewer wears nothing but her sexy heels and a ass to die for

Roxanne can't wait to show her naked body on the page and big screen

Roxanne was born on in Elizabeth, New Jersey () (other sources state Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). In Roxanne moved from her hometown to Los Angeles where she scored her first job, she was 29 years old. Right from the start she knew she had found her calling. Her giant boobs were the star of the show, but she also had some very sexy legs, an incredible 45-26-36 inches (114-66-91 centimeters, see Table 2), 5 feet, 8 inches (173 centimeters) body, and a ass that was just the perfect amount of round, yet still firm enough to look tight like a drum as she bent over and showed it off. This large-breasted vintage pornstar was flawless from head to toe and soon had everyone's attention.

It didn't take long before Roxanne Brewer (also credited as Suzzane Delor, Sue Doloria, Roxanne Lee and Susie Edgell) was on the covers and in the of every major men's magazine out there. From "Gent" to "Climax," "Candid" to "Mayfair," "X Large" to "Gem," she and her fantastic rack were everywhere. Because of her magnificent 46DD/E US (105E EU/Int, see Table 3) boobs and their small, perfectly , she was especially popular with big tit fans. She appeared in a massive 48 page spread in "Big Busty" magazine, and she was featured on the cover of "Super Boob."

Not to be overlooked, her long legs are worthy of worship. In one photo, she steps out of the shower dripping wet, and her sexy, luscious legs glisten as they lead right to that dark triangle between them. In , knee high boots and , Roxanne was a tall, leggy drink of water.

Her , round ass, long legs and big bush couldn't be contained to just the pages of magazines. This sexy quickly made the jump to movies where she appeared in a series of movies. At first she just had small, uncredited parts, but once she showed that she was comfortable being nude and sensual on screen she quickly won starring roles.

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Roxanne's breasts are so fantastic she gets her own magazine

Roxanne sometimes went by Roxy. No matter which name she chose, she was so popular among the big tit fans that magazines couldn't keep up with the demand. Something about Roxanne's sexy pout, big hair and fabulous body coupled with those world-class boobs struck a deep, sweaty, carnal chord with people. In an attempt to capitalize on her popularity, she was given her own magazine titled Roxanne. The magazine contained 36 pages packed with nothing but Roxanne Brewer in all her , sexy, naked glory.

The sheer variety of different movies and photo shoots Roxanne Brewer made for a body of work that was utterly fantastic. From playing the chesty, naughty schoolgirl in a film to posing naked by the pool, this fiery, sexy always seemed to be having a good time.

Roxanne developed a trademark that set her apart from the other girls. This busty star had such a good control over her pectoral that she could stand perfectly still and bounce her DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) breasts. Her ability to juggle her boobs without touching them had men falling in love with her and wishing they could somehow be between those perfect, jiggling titties.

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Roxanne Brewer goes mainstream and gets buck naked for Hollywood

Having crushed the nude modeling and softcore movie worlds under her giant augmented breasts, Roxanne set her sights on a bigger prize - horror movie "Fantasm" (). A few years later she also got a tiny part in the movie "Hooper" () starring Burt Reynolds and Sally Field. Roxy is also known for starring in "Night of the Witches" (), "Deep Jaws" () and "World of Sexual Fantasy" ().

In the late-1970s Roxanne's career started to wind down. This famous MILF superstar did a couple more softcore films in , then she disappeared from the industry as quickly as she had appeared, her career spanning 8 years. She died in (age 46) in rheumatic fever she had as a .

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Roxanne Brewer body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Roxanne Brewer wiki and facts
BornMarch 1, 1941
DiedOctober 1, 1987 (aged 46)
Years active1970-1978
Started around29 years old
In business8 years
AliasesSuzzane Delor, Sue Doloria, Roxanne Lee, Susie Edgell
What are the interesting facts about Roxanne Brewer?

Table 2

Roxanne Brewer physical body statistics
Height5 ft 8 in173 cm
Bust size45 in114 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size36 in91 cm
Measurements45-26-36 in114-66-91 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Roxanne Brewer?

Table 3

Roxanne Brewer bra size and breast cup size
Bra size46DD/E105E46DD120E9E24DDE105
What bra and cup size did Roxanne Brewer wear?
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