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With a legion of fans that called themselves Bazoomers, a traffic-stopping figure, and a pair of naked that could knock you into next week, Jennie Lee burst onto to the burlesque scene as an innocent Midwestern girl and soon found herself as one of the most desirable buxom in tassel twirling goddess used her buxom build to bring the west coast and then the world to its knees.

Flirty babe Jennie Lee with astonishing blonde curls trying to cover her soft body

Flirty babe Jennie Lee with astonishing blonde curls tries to cover her soft body

Jennie Lee has her first nude show then uses her fantastic naked body to conquer the Midwest

Born in in Kansas City, Missouri (USA), Jennie Lee (born Virginia Lee Hicks) came into the world with a full head of brown hair that would eventually turn blonde and deep blue eyes that would eventually capture the hearts of thousands of men. Her parents named her Virginia Lee and it didn't take Virginia long to discover her love for dancing as she regularly appeared in productions like "Babes in Toyland" at Wyandotte High School in Kansas City (USA).

A natural athlete, Jennie (then still Virginia) played several sports including excelling on the girls swim team. Her desire to perform and natural athleticism won her raves from her , but during the summer between her junior and senior years of high school she won raves for a whole different, shall we say, bustacular reason.

Jennie Lee answered an ad placed by "The Folly Theatre" looking chorus girls, tried out and got the job. This vintage pornstar spent her summer vacation showing off her fit, firm legs and tight ass dancing in the chorus line of a sexy . She left the show to finish high school, but returned after graduation. Sadly, Jennie didn't take the gig seriously enough and was fired, but a dancer friend she knew from the theater told Jennie she could get her a job working as a .

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Her first night as a stripper, Jennie Lee hit the stage for two shows. The first saw her flash those dancer's legs, but the second required her to get . With the gusto of a veteran performer, Jennie Lee rocked the crowd like a pants-dropping earthquake as she shed her clothes and unleashed her gargantuan D cup tits on Joplin, Missouri (USA).

The crowd was left trying to catch their breath as she moved around the stage like a sexy kitten shaking her and bringing grown men to their knees with the perfect mix of raw sensuality and youthful inexperience. This model brought down the house but was so shy she hid in a closet and waited until everyone was gone before she went home.

The shyness didn't last long. Jennie quickly found work as a throughout the area. The Bazoom Girl developed a trick where she could twirl the tassels attached to her . Watching her giant melons bounce and swing as she twirled those tassels was enough to have clubs lining up to book her, but this naked goddess had natural and dreams that were too big for Kansas (USA), so she packed her tassels and headed for Los Angeles (USA).

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Topless burlesque stripper Jennie Lee exposes her big tits in bed

Jennie Lee uses her 42D's, twirling tassels, and round rump to conquer Hollywood

Upon her arrival, the City of Angels was quickly transformed into the City of Tassels. Jennie's ample assets wasted no time establishing her as one of the must-see acts in the city. Her "Diamond Lil" routine had men lining up around the block. Jennie Lee still held on to that Midwestern innocents, but now it was mixed with a subtle seasoning of naughty that had the crowd eating out of her hand and begging to bury their faces between her monstrous knockers.

Her stage shows quickly became the thing of stag show legend. Jennie would pull out her giant 42D US (95D EU/Int, see Table 3) tits and nearly knock the crowd out of their seats. This big breasted beauty worked in sensual outfits including fishnets, , and naughty little , and her ass was a work of art that inspired men to worship at the altar of her sex.

The papers named her "The Bazoom Girl" and "Miss 44 and Plenty More." "Variety" even referred to her as "The Burlesque Version of Jayne Mansfield." After seeing her perform songwriter Arnold P. "Arnie" Ginsburg was so inspired he wrote a song about her that was recorded by rock and roll duo "Jan & Dean." The song was an instant hit and peaked at #8 on the Billboard charts.

Jennie Lee branched out into other forms of entertainment. naked with only her on, she appeared in one photo shoot while another had her bending over so her perfect, huge boobs could hang and fill up the frame. Her perfect, shy smile and curvy 42-28-40 inches (107-71-102 centimeters, see Table 2), 5 feet, 9 inches (175 centimeters) body were on full display in the pages of various magazines and on stages up and down the west coast including "Gent," "Cavalier," "BUF," "Wicked," "Gala," "Stare," "Blush," "T&T" and lots of others. She branched out into films and TV shows including a critically acclaimed stage version of the play "Gypsy."

Jennie's filmography counts 10 roles in the following movies:

  1. The French Follies (),
  2. Peek-A-Boo (),
  3. Abandon (),
  4. Ding, Dong... A Night at the Follies (),
  5. Cold Wind in August (),
  6. Hollywood Bustout (),
  7. Moon Pilot (),
  8. Three Nuts in search of a Bolt (),
  9. I, Marquis de Sade (),
  10. Big Busty 3 ().

At the height of her fame Jennie partner with comic Little Jack Little and took her sexy comedy and on the road where she performed to adoring sellout crowds all across the country.

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Jennie Lee stays sexy well into her 50s and opens a burlesque museum

You might say Jennie Lee was the original as she remained active until , showing her sexy body off into her 50s. After nearly 30 years enticing, arousing and amusing sellout crowds all over the globe with her fun, , Jennie began to settle down. In , she established a burlesque museum, and she opened a few small burlesque clubs of her own. She purchased a ranch and had plans to start an exotic dancer's school. Over the years, Jennie was an active member of the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA, and she was elected President of the Hesperia Republican Women's Club.

Sadly, many of her plans did not see fruition. In the early Jennie fell ill to cancer. She battled valiantly for nearly a decade but passed away in , aged 95.

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Jennie Lee body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Jennie Lee wiki and facts
BornOctober 23, 1928 (age 95)
Years active????-1964
AliasesBazoom Girl, Virginia Lee Hicks
What are the interesting facts about Jennie Lee?

Table 2

Jennie Lee physical body statistics
Height5 ft 9 in175 cm
Bust size42 in107 cm
Waist size28 in71 cm
Hip size40 in102 cm
Measurements42-28-40 in107-71-102 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Jennie Lee?

Table 3

Jennie Lee bra size and breast cup size
Bra size42D95D42D110D7D20DD95
What bra and cup size did Jennie Lee wear?
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