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Pamela Green was one of those who can grab you with a single picture and captivate your attention through their natural sexiness. She had stellar curves on her body that naturally pulled your eyes towards her entire figure. Pamela would make lust-filled facial gestures with her eyes and luscious lips that, without saying a word out loud, would communicate "fuck me!" This shaved nudist would also know how to pose her hips and shoulders in the perfect way to suck your attention from anything else that was in the scene with her. Quite simply, she was the perfect who used to shave her pussy.

Astonishing redhead Pamela Green with a luxurious necklace falling between her tiny tits

Astonishing redhead Pamela Green with a luxurious necklace falling between her small tits

Pamela Green was born on in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, to a British father and Dutch mother, and was their only child. Because of her father's occupation as an architect, the family lived on the European continent until the advent of World War II. After that, the family settled in the .

From the outset, Pamela Green was destined to be a successful nude model and businesswoman

This knockout was destined to be a . A proficient artist, Pamela Green was accepted to the prestigious St. Martin's School of Modern Art. To help pay her tuition, she would pose nude for drawing and painting classes. At nights, beginning in , 23-year-old Pamela danced in clubs in the west end of London. Interestingly, she never kept her or performing hidden from her family. In fact, by all reports, they were very accepting and encouraging of her modeling decisions.

This vintage pornstar not only had beauty but was a shrewd businesswoman as well. She partnered with a theatrical photographer named George Harrison Marks in to create a men's magazine called "Kamera," which featured photos of nudes posing in various settings. The magazine became an instant massive hit. The initial run of 15,000 copies of the magazine quickly sold out. Ultimately, "Kamera" sold 150,000 copies within its first five weeks of existence, and it single-handedly created the "top shelf" of men's publications in England.

Pamela Green knew both ends of the industry behind the camera as well as in front of it. Her work is nothing short of stunning. They reveal a statuesque woman with perky, natural 38D US (85D EU/Int, see Table 3) cup breasts angling her 37-23-36 inches (94-58-91 centimeters, see Table 2) body just right for the lens. Pamela wore her hair long in shades of either auburn or . Every feature on her face was perfectly proportioned and ensured that she looked exquisite in all her images.

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Pamela posed with shaved pussy what was unusual back in the 1950s

The most noticeable part of her body was her hips. The curves in them were nothing short of luscious. They exquisitely accented the rest of her body, and she knew how to throw them just right to give an air of sexiness to her entire body. Of course, it is impossible to take notice of her hips without focusing on this sex icon's and legs. Her legs were firm, toned and bottomed off by well-manicured feet. The legs also ran right up to her rounded butt that was shapely, smooth and delicious-looking.

As an added treat, Pamela Green frequently posed in her work with a shaved pussy. She worked at a time when this grooming technique was a rarity with women. In fact, besides Ann Austin, a pin-up fan from the '50s and would be hard-pressed to find any other famous ladies from this time who went hairless down there.

The most popular image in her photo work was working completely nude and almost always . With her gorgeous features and figure, this should have been acceptable to any sane gentleman. However, there is a fair amount of work done with Pamela Green posing in assorted costumes and lingerie that complimented her stunning figure. No matter what she wore, however, her naturally great looks stole the scene.

The '50s in European pin-up girls was dominated by Pamela Green who dominated adult films

This retro sex star featured prominently in "Kamera," appearing in 300 photos in the magazine. In fact, she was in 50 of the 90 editions of the publication. The success of "Kamera" allowed this beauty to create a production company called "Kamera Productions." This company would go on to establish a number of other successful publications in men's adult entertainment. Eventually, this same outfit decided to branch off into the burgeoning 8 millimeter film industry, and Pamela Green decided to try her hand at performing on the silver screen.

Pamela made a few performances under the name "Rita Landre." These got the attention of some film producers who tried putting her in genuine acting roles. She appeared in the horror film "Peeping Tom" (), the disaster film "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" (), and the cult-classic "Naked as Nature Intended" (), as well as in some other films. "Peeping Tom" was credited as having the first female nude scene in a postwar language mainstream feature film. Predictably, the film caused vast controversy and was panned by critics.

By this point, our classic British nude model was at the pinnacle of her modeling career. While Bettie Page was undoubtedly the most successful in the , the United Kingdom was firmly in the hands of Pamela Green. She worked with the biggest name photographers in her time, such as Bill Brandt, Zoltan Glass, John Everard and Angus McBean.

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Pamela retired in , her career as a nude model lasted 23 years.

While this sexy beauty could have had any man in the world she wanted, she was mostly very stable in her relationships with men. Her first marriage to a stagehand only lasted a month. However, after that Pamela lived with her business partner George Harrison Marks and stayed with him for eight years. In her later years, she lived with glamour photographer Douglas Webb - a hero - for a decade until his death in .

Once in retirement, Pamela Green removed herself from the world. She moved to a villa on leukemia on (age 77) on the Isle of Wight, England (United Kingdom). When she died, she still had a loyal online fan club following.

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Pamela Green body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Pamela Green wiki and facts
BornMay 28, 1932
DiedMay 7, 2010 (aged 77)
Years active1955-1975
Started around23 years old
In business20 years
AliasesRita Landre
What are the interesting facts about Pamela Green?

Table 2

Pamela Green physical body statistics
Bust size37 in94 cm
Waist size23 in58 cm
Hip size36 in91 cm
Measurements37-23-36 in94-58-91 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Pamela Green?

Table 3

Pamela Green bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38D85D38D100D5D16DD85
What bra and cup size did Pamela Green wear?
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