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VintageCuties has got old Russian porn from the World War II era. These are grainy black-and-white vintage porn photos, probably taken with Soviet SLR still photo cameras. And although these amateur porn pics are nearly a century old now, you can still catch the eroticism from the images.

Although porn was illegal in Russia throughout history, VintageCuties still found you some steamy classic Russian porn from decades ago. This page features arousing vintage Russian porn pics from before the cold war until the late 1980s.

Watch erotic Russian porn pics throughout the vintage eras until the late '80s. One can only imagine the Russian porn industry's future if the government didn't meddle.

This category also features pics from underground adult magazines from the Golden Age of Porn, when colored pictures had just been introduced. Most governments at the time had begun warming up to legalizing porn, yet Russia maintained the censorship.

The XXX pictures feature hot and bold Russian adult performers from the classical eras who dared to appear in porn despite punitive measures put in by the Soviet government back in the day. Watch steamy performances from some of the hottest Russian babes fucking with men from the retro eras.

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