Joyce Gibson AKA Alexis Love - Nude Pics: From Busty 40DDD/F Porn Babe to 48DDD/F Big Tits MILF

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With a career that spanned 21 years and consumed three different aliases, Joyce Gibson was the modern day female Machiavelli of the vintage pinup world, imprinted in hundreds of nude pictures across many adult magazines. Early on her athletic, slender figure, tight ass and big tits captivated those who loved seeing a busty girl who could have walked the runways in Paris (France) if she so chose. Later with some extra curves, but that same scintillating sexuality, Joyce filled the part of the modern, perfectly as she used her 48DDD and incredible body to seduce an entire generation.

Dark beauty Joyce Gibson aka Alexis Love softly touching her puffy titties

Dark beauty Joyce Gibson softly touches her puffy boobs

Those huge boobs stand the test of time, spanning over four decades!

Joyce Gibson was born in (age 74), in Los Angeles, California (USA). At 5 feet, 2 inches (157 centimeters) tall with a weight of 122 pounds (55 kilograms) she wasn't your prototypical model. But with a pair of that could stop an on rushing stampede, fabulous legs and not an ounce of shyness in her fine body, she had plenty of photographers clamoring to work with her. Her modeling career began in , when she was just 19 years old.

Let's talk about what really got her the fame; her enormous breasts! For those who are a fan of tan lines, her heaving bosom has them wonderfully showcased, likely because she couldn't find a bikini top that covered the whole boob (thankfully!). Her tits weren't the only place that had tan lines, as she has tiny tan lines for that era across her hips and ass too. She was great at wearing the shit out of some in these pictorials as well!

Joyce Gibson's legs and looked quite fetching when she'd dress up on a garter belt with some thigh high stockings and heels, showing off the muscles through her legs all the way up to her round ass, as well as framing the front too where you get to see the gateway to her . All of it was tastefully done, even when this well-endowed retro sex symbol posed lovingly with select busty models, with lots of close holding but no hardcore or . Just a taste to get the reader titillated!

Her heaving hooters and her sexy tan lines not only stood out in the black and white pictures, but in the color ones as well. She had quite a bit of both, as was customary in the '60s and . As Joyce's measurements at the time were 40-23-34 inches (102-58-86 centimeters, see Table 2), her natural boobs were a 40DDD/F US (90F EU/Int, see Table 3), which on her petite body were just amazing to bear witness to. She did a few films at that point as well, including one under Russ Meyer, but nothing for her.

Photographers and film directors alike understood that part of Joyce's appeal was that she was the whole package. She wasn't just a big pair of tits. She had a beautiful face with soft, sensual lips, her -Romanian ethnicity brought her some exoticism that other models didn't have. This chesty vintage pornstar was short and had shorter legs, but they were firm and shapely, and her ass was a work of art on its own. She did plenty of photo sessions that showed these different features off as she relaxed in the nude or spread her legs wide open so her hairy pussy was in full view. From her head to her cute toes, Joyce lit up the screen.

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Joyce Gibson rocks in print and in movies all through the 90s

Anytime a show or a movie needed a big breasted beauty, they knew they could count on Joyce Gibson! She did quite a few known shows, including Taxi, as well as a spot in Weird Science! Her mainstream filmography is quite impressive compared to many other pornstars of that time, and could you blame them for wanting to sign her up once you see this busty beauty in action at Vintage Cuties?

Even though she was doing a lot of movies and shows at this time, Joyce was actually retired from the scene in the mid-1970s. Her retirement didn't last too long. In she reappeared in the pages of "Oui" magazine under the name Rina. In some other magazine publications she was credited as Joyce Mandel, Joyce Mandelkorn, Pamela Sanders, and Penny Seinman.

Her layout was an instant hit with the fans and she quickly found herself back in demand in magazines and in movies. She appeared in low-budget booby movies like "The Boob Tube Strikes Again" () and "Chesty Anderson, USN." She was back and hot as ever, but after a few more years in the spotlight she retired again in the early

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Joyce Gibson the big tit model becomes Alexis Love the busty MILF of our fantasies!

When she reappeared in the , Joyce Gibson was now a certified , and holy shit did she look the part! All of the things that made her such a bombshell in her 20s and 30s were transformed along with her age. At the new measurements of 48-23-34 inches (122-58-86 centimeters), she donned a blonde wig that made her slightly aged, but gorgeous face stand out that much more.

But the biggest change? Her boobs got even larger than they were when she was younger! They went from a 40DDD/F US (90F EU/Int) to a voluptuous 48DDD/F US (110F EU/Int), being showcased in hot big tit publications like "Score" and "Voluptuous." They grew so much that so many people were skeptical that this even bustier MILF was "enhanced" in some way. She was so bothered by the accusations that she went to the UCLA Medical Center to prove that her breasts were real! That definitely shut some people up and made them resume grabbing at themselves at the sight of her!

As Alexis Love, she once again found herself in demand in . She appeared in a handful of movies produced by "Score magazine" including "Score Classics" and this curvaceous had a leading role in "Return of the Ultra Vixens." She continued modeling for most of the major men's magazines of the time as she soaked up her new found role as one of the hottest, bustiest MILFs in the business. In she called it a career one last time choosing this time to stay retired and let her legacy speak for itself.

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Joyce Gibson body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Joyce Gibson wiki and facts
BornMarch 15, 1950 (age 74)
Years active1969-1979, 1993-2004
Started around19 years old
In business21 years
AliasesAlexis Love, Joyce Mandel, Joyce Mandelkorn, Pamela Sanders, Penny Seinman
What are the interesting facts about Joyce Gibson?

Table 2

Joyce Gibson physical body statistics
Height5 ft 2 in157 cm
Weight122 lb55 kg
Bust size40 in102 cm
Waist size23 in58 cm
Hip size34 in86 cm
Measurements40-23-34 in102-58-86 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Joyce Gibson?

Table 3

Joyce Gibson bra size and breast cup size
Bra size40DDD/F90F40E105F6F18EF90
What bra and cup size did Joyce Gibson wear?
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