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Vanessa Del Rio is one of the iconic names from and '80s porn that everyone recognizes. With her , dark complexion, and hairy cunt, this big tit latina pornstar fucked her way across hardcore films during the Golden Age of Porn. She has become immortalized in vintage porn movies with other famous names of that era like Seka, Ron Jeremy, and John Holmes.

Marvelous Vanessa Del Rio seductively lying on a bed with her juicy pussy staring into the camera

Marvelous Vanessa Del Rio seductively lies on a bed with her juicy pussy staring into the camera

She was born in Harlem, New York City on , under the name Anna Maria Sanchez. Her parents were Cuban and Puerto Rican, and they raised Vanessa Del Rio as a practicing Catholic. She attended Catholic school and listened to the priests vainly attempt to explain "the birds and the bees." This giant-titted obviously missed those lessons on promiscuousness and sodomy being sins, too.

In her early 20s, Vanessa was working as a computer programmer, but something didn't click about occupations in the straight world with her. She then quickly moved onto jobs as a waitress, a barmaid, a go-go dancer, and then as a streetwalker and call girl.

In , this vintage sex star made her first porn film titled "China Doll." She was 22, her explanation for breaking into porn? "They paid $150 a day, which was exactly my half of the rent." When she started in films, she worked under a variety of pseudonyms, including Ursula Pasarell, Nessa, Diane Richards, Violet Reason, and Ursula Passarell. Eventually, she hit upon the name "Vanessa Del Rio" and, as the expression goes, the rest was history.

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With big tits, exotic looks, and a hairy bush, this nymphomaniac was exactly what porn needed in the mid-1970s

It is easy to see why busty fuck machine quickly became a runaway hit in the adult film industry. First, she had a deeply exotic look. Vanessa had distinct Afro-Carribean features which made her the first Hispanic . Her jet black hair and medium-dark complexion contrasted sharply against her frequently-Caucasian costars (both men and women). She had prominent, pouty lips that played well for the camera, either expressing lust or wrapping themselves around some lucky guy's .

Vanessa's body was pretty damn tight, too. This retro porn goddess had a sexy, shapely ass that men loved to caress and worship when her on film. Her arms and legs were slender, helping to accentuate her shapely figure and pronounced bosom. She stood about 5 feet, 6 inches (168 centimeters) tall and weighed 130 pounds (59 kilograms). Her measurements were 42-26-38 inches (107-66-97 centimeters, see Table 2), and she had an impressive DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) bra size.

And what a set of they were! Vanessa Del Rio's boobs had the natural look you would expect from such a prominent rack. Her tits would fall and react to gravity as directed by the posture of this chesty harlot. She also loved to squeeze them together and show off the deep cleavage created by these monsters.

She had perfectly circular areolas and rather flat nipples that gave her 42DD/E US (95E EU/Int, see Table 3) breasts a nice rounded effect. In her later years, it was obvious that this Latina superstar had some surgical "intervention" done on them. While it is understandable that time had a toll on her body, it is still too bad that she had to go under the knife to keep her world-class rack in tip-top shape.

As you might have guessed, this exotic and sexy cocksucker also had a muff that was covered in deep, dark pussy hair. While she kept it trimmed around the edges, there was no hiding that ethnic flavor that showed in her . Vanessa's was jet black and heavily forested her vagina all the way down to her asshole.

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Vanessa Del Rio's on-camera fucking skills were second to none in films

However, her physical attributes were only part of the allure of this spicy Latina. When the camera was rolling, this sexy vixen knew how to turn on the action and get her partners' cocks rock hard and ready. She was an expert at sucking dick, and could handle penises of any size in her mouth.

Vanessa Del Rio also knew how to fuck in front of the camera and make it look like she legitimately enjoyed getting fucked on film. She would take a hard if the script called for it and put a smile on her face as she was getting sodomized. She did not limit herself to men either. She performed in multiple and with gusto. Film directors frequently had this bosomy superstar on her back and getting her pussy eaten, too, to expose her very prominent for the camera lens.

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This bombshell retires ... then retires again ... and retires again from porn work

Vanessa Del Rio was active in the industry when the John Holmes contract the virus and die. This apparently scared her so badly that she retired from porn work in . However, her retirement was short-lived and she was back making movies very quickly.

However, Vanessa got arrested for drug possession in and did time in jail. While sitting in a cell, she assessed her life and decided to leave porn work once more for good. The only problem is that she had become such a staple in XXX films that she could not fully leave.

Once more, this classic Latina re-entered the industry and stayed active until when she finally decided that enough was enough. She still makes appearances at conventions and adult film awards shows, however. Vanessa has even managed to translate her porn success into some limited mainstream exposure, including a appearance as herself on an episode of "NYPD Blue," the mainstream movie "Soul Men," and in a handful of rap videos.

Vanessa Del Rio still has a huge following among aficionados. She won a lifetime achievement award at the Black Adult Entertainment Awards from "De'Unique" magazine. As a testament to her staying power, none other than music mogul Snoop Doggy Dog said of this : "She is a person I dreamed about having sex with. She should go in the hall of fame for best sex scenes in the ."

Even though she is 72 now, Vanessa auctions autographs and porn memorabilia on eBay, too. It is estimated that during her 15-year porn star career, this harlot made over 200 porn films. And all the hottest of her can be found inside of members area of Vintage Cuties!

In , a rare and limited print biography of this was published by a company. As of this writing, there are plans to release a film biography of this extraordinary lady in the very near future.

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Vanessa Del Rio body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Vanessa Del Rio wiki and facts
BornMarch 31, 1952 (age 72)
Years active1974-1987, 1999, 2008
Started around22 years old
In business15 years
AliasesUrsula Pasarell, Diane Richards, Violet Reason, Ursula Passarell
What are the interesting facts about Vanessa Del Rio?

Table 2

Vanessa Del Rio physical body statistics
Height5 ft 6 in168 cm
Weight130 lb59 kg
Bust size42 in107 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size38 in97 cm
Measurements42-26-38 in107-66-97 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Vanessa Del Rio?

Table 3

Vanessa Del Rio bra size and breast cup size
Bra size42DD/E95E42DD110E7E20DDE95
What bra and cup size did Vanessa Del Rio wear?
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