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There are women who have fabulous physical assets - glorious racks on their , hourglass body shapes, and curvaceous . Then there are ladies who know how to throw the sexiest of glances for the camera. They pout their lips just right, stare into the lens with a lustful look, and their faces clearly say "Fuck me..." Even rarer are who have both the physical attributes and the right look that drive men nuts. Joan Brinkman (if, in fact, that is this beauty's real name) was indeed one of these rare big cleavage ladies.

Beautiful Joan Brinkman with a white veil in her dark hair pops her smooth boobs out of the corset

Beautiful Joan Brinkman with a white veil in her dark hair pops her squishy tits out of the corset

With a set of tits that could turn a man's head from a mile away to a beautiful ass that any male would worship, Joan's body could hold its own against any of the Hollywood starlets of her era. However, she combined these features with an ability to draw the camera up to her gorgeous face, which made her one of the most popular adult models of her time.

There is not much biographical information about Joan Brinkman. However, when she burst onto the nude modeling scene in , she became a staple that lasted in photo and film media until the . During her eight-year (-) XXX career, the aliases this modeled under were almost as varied as the names of the magazines she worked in: Gina Mayers, Gina Myers, Gina (and Ginna) Sonni, Gina Sony, Marilyn (and Joan) Savage, Sharon Smith, Joyce Marlowe, Jill Richardson, Annabelle Perkins, Annette Fiori, Elvira, Mara, Gayle, Estrellita, Zita, Donna, Stella Riva, Cass Davidson, Jo Rand, Duraine Barton and Gina-Jo (and maybe others).

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Joan had tits, ass and a face that could drive men to begging

What made this woman of the so unique? This babe broke the stereotype that were also heavy over the rest of their bodies. Joan Brinkman's measurements were 38-26-34 inches (97-66-86 centimeters, see Table 2), 5 feet, 4 inches (163 centimeters), and her were both gorgeous and massive. A man could get lost in the cleavage of those mountains and never want to leave. Furthermore, this big breasted beauty had the face of an angel.

Her dark, Mediterranean hair and eye color was offset by a fair complexion that she would accent with delicious tan lines. She also knew how to captivate the camera by looking at just the right angle and tilting her head in the most seductive pose. In short, this vixen oozed sexuality and eroticism.

Joan also made herself timeless by knowing how to change her look with the styles of the era. Her black and white photo work from the early '60s showed her appearing in a bedroom, posing in sitting and lying positions, squeezing those delicious boobs together and holding the camera's gaze with her engaging eyes. As the decade progressed and the "free love" movement came into being, this beauty changed with the years.

Joan Brinkman storms into nudie magazines and dominates the scene

She took chances by posing with props (like wedding cakes or pool tables), engaging in more playful poses, and trying on various sexy outfits like , bustiers and wedding veils. However, those massive breasts of hers were still the unavoidable focus of the camera. One look at any of her photos from this time and it is easy to imagine them gracing the wall of countless GI barracks over in Vietnam during the war.

Another characteristic that made this diva so famous is how versatile she could appear on camera. In some pictures, it is easy to imagine this sex kitten as a stay-at-home mom, posing naked in the bedroom for her husband to take in all by himself. In other work, you could visualize her sitting in a smoke-filled bar in front of a cocktail, a mink stole wrapped around her shoulders, waiting for some Steve McQueen - type to sweep her off her feet and fuck her brains out in a seedy motel on the wrong side of town. Her face and looks had that range, and she knew how to turn them on when needed.

Joan Brinkman's versatility quickly made her a favorite among some of the biggest photographers of her era, including Keith Bernard, Ron Vogel and publisher Arv Miller. She had her longest relationship with "Fling" magazine but appeared in scores of publications, including "Busty," "Adam" and "Pix."

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Joan suddenly retires and leaves the cameras behind, but her legacy endured for years afterward

Like many of the ladies who had sex appeal on camera, Joan Brinkman tried to find success on the silver screen in major productions. She spent some time in making "spaghetti westerns," but never quite made it to the major leagues of Hollywood. For some reason, Joan never made it to the big screen. She certainly had the sexy, sultry looks for film work, and her hourglass body was a knockout. Instead, this vintage legend was relegated to making short for gentlemen's private viewing.

This goddess made her final appearance in a edition of "Fling" magazine in a spread titled "Ladies of the Harem." What happened to her after this point is anyone's guess. However, she held such great sexuality and range of looks that men's magazines routinely printed reruns of her pictorials right up into the '70s.

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Table 1

Joan Brinkman wiki and facts
Years active1961-1969
In business8 years
AliasesGina Mayers, Gina Myers, Gina Sonni, Gina Sony, Marilyn Savage, Sharon Smith, Joyce Marlowe, Jill Richardson, Annabelle Perkins, Annette Fiori, Stella Riva, Cass Davidson, Jo Rand, Duraine Barton, Gina-Jo, Ginna Sonni, Joan Savage, Gina Jo
What are the interesting facts about Joan Brinkman?

Table 2

Joan Brinkman physical body statistics
Height5 ft 4 in163 cm
Bust size38 in97 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size34 in86 cm
Measurements38-26-34 in97-66-86 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Joan Brinkman?
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