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Turns out strippers have been around longer than we could've ever imagined. Stripteasing was perhaps the most influential art of seduction around the '20s and '50s. Fun fact: it was practiced millenniums before that. Paleolithic cave paintings reveal that our great great ancestors stripteased some 20,000 years ago. Somehow, it was passed on subconsciously generations from generations.

Around the Jazz age, stripteasing became the in thing. It was a period of rapid economic growth and prosperity, and men fancied blowing steam after a day's hard labor.

Strip dancing was exotic. An exemplary art reserved for the upper class with means and taste. It was practiced in brothels, musical theaters, and, as you'll find out, in vintage porn sets.

Performance art somehow got men hard and itching to stick that boner in wet pussy. In brothels, that was quickly arranged. Strip clubs grew in popularity in the 1950s. They targeted middle-class and working-class patrons.

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