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Elaine Everett is a perfect example of how one flawless feature can carry you for decades. In Elaine's case, it is her monster tits. Her natural jugs are so incredible and dynamic, they helped this have a career that spanned nearly six decades, starting from the . This full figured large-breasted vintage model or simply plump knew those boobs were going to take her places so she saddled them up and rode them right into our hearts and pants!

Busty pornstar Elaine Everett with swollen nipples seductively biting her finger

Busty pornstar Elaine Everett with swollen nipples seductively bites her finger

Brunette BBW with huge hangers makes Elaine a winner

There's something about the way that busty white beauty Elaine Everett looks in front of the camera, whether it's the twinkle in her eye, the naughty smile that peaks when she's slipping her out of her clothes, or even when she's teasing her as she slides her to the side or down her strong, thick legs. Many wouldn't classify Elaine's legs as "gorgeous," but those who enjoy a woman with a little meat on her bones will appreciate her strong thighs and shapely calves.

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The content you'll see here in our member's site is really amazing to witness. You'll see Elaine Everett in all her glory, from her being a voluptuous lady with an impressive rack that you'd push people out of the way to bear witness to. She's got a way with her eyes, mouth and tongue that will send your heart fluttering as she rubs her hands across her big tits and .

And those nipples... Wow is all you can say! Even in her older age, they're perkier than you would expect, with big areolas that look so sexy when she's playing with them. There's a series of shots here where she's frolicking in a pool, and her boobs are like her floatation devices, with gorgeous nipples standing straight up from the water. It's a sight to behold in our member's area.

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Elaine Everett is a busty and sexy plump stripper

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This exhibits herself in naughty ways in front of the camera, as well as showing off her flirty fun side too. You can go from seeing Elaine Everett in naughty and costumes with that impressive rack hanging out, to seeing her playing tic-tac-toe on her tits! That's how big those swinging sweater puppets are!

This plump vintage pornstar had a knack for picking the best outfits to accentuate her natural curves, with lots of lingerie to boost up her breasts, sexy nylons and stockings that frame her so well, and then just being downright naked and hugging her boobs one at a time. Even in her stage, she's got stockings on and her hands are full of her tits! She's also had a way with eye makeup and lipstick that made her face stand out, even in black and white photos.

Elaine Everett gets fucked on camera well into her 80s

They say if you find a job you love to do you will never work a day in your life. Clearly Elaine, who sometimes went by the names Elaine Everett and Big Bertha, enjoyed getting naked on camera. Most women quit the business when they get married or they get a little . Not Elaine. She loved it so much she carried on well into her 60s. And even in her 78th year of life Big Bertha enjoyed sucking young cock and get fucked.

She was one of the original , as other's say (Granny I'd Love to Fuck). While she may have put on some weight, all it did was turn her into a hot and her breasts - like a fine wine - only seemed to get better with age. While many grandmas are juggling cookies they are baking for the bingo hall, Elaine Everett was naked and juggling her giant jugs.

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Watching her career progress over the years and seeing the changes in her body is a lot of fun and very erotic. Early on she wore her long, hair straight. She then moved onto a wavy and even curly hair. By the time she had moved into her fifth decade of , she was back to straight hair once again.

At any age, Elaine was fun to watch. This star enjoyed smiling and having fun on camera and she could pout her full lips with some of the best, sexy, looks in the business. Elaine Everett was clearly having fun and getting turned on which made her fans have a good time as they enjoyed every inch of her curvy body.

No matter what era you're checking out her body, you're going to enjoy seeing a healthy dose of her healthy, hanging boobs. Elaine epitomizes what it means to be a big tit model because of the way she exhibits them, starring in great busty magazines like "Big Mama Jugs" and "D-Cup" (although she's much larger than a D cup for sure!). You know what you're getting into with magazine titles like that, but they don't tell the whole story about how amazing Elaine Everett's really are! And to enjoy Elaine to the fullest you will need to see her in true XXX video action here on Vintage Cuties if you join now.

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