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While porn is as old as the first motion-picture camera invented, it wasn't until the 1930s that the industry became somewhat open to interracial performances.

You'll notice on this site that most stag films from the 1900s through to the Roaring Twenties only featured Caucasian performers.

Although vintage porn directors have come out to deny the allegations, it's rumored that white actresses were warned from fucking African-American men in porn movies and in real life as it could derail their careers.

During the Great Depression, adventurous white bitches needed to discover how it felt to be drilled with a big black cock. Just like that, the masses witnessed their first interracial porn.

Our vintage interracial porn videos feature a black and white 1930s stag film that was probably shot from the then-popular 35 mm Kodak 616 junior camera.

Notice the plot has a racist undertone: two Caucasian females seducing and getting fucked by their African-American driver. But such was the reality of the day, and such themes never got any noticeable backlash.

In the '50s, '60s, '70s, and 1980s, black performers got lead roles, and you can spot the difference from the '30s movies.

This section features everything from black men devouring white whores to interracial lesbian actions, among others.

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