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Jennifer Eccles should be the prototype of the '70s porn star. She had firm, big natural tits that bounced as she was getting fucked. This gorgeous harlot was very cute in a "girl next door" kind of way. She styled her hair in the typical fashions, with her black (and sometimes blond) curls or feathered auburn hair accenting her face nicely. And she had a dense, dark jungle of pubic hair of a that contrasted sharply with her fair features. A look at this superstar's work and you knew you were looking at images from .

Exquisite brunette Jennifer Eccles in her kinky boots and black stockings parading her chubby ass

Exquisite brunette Jennifer Eccles in her kinky boots and black stockings parades her chubby ass

This horny cutie was born on (age 68), in England under the name Gillian Hanna. What happened in her early life that drove her to be a ? We do not know - her biographical information is surprisingly sparse.

However, when Jennifer started working in the adult entertainment industry, she became a staple that was present in all kinds of publications in both the United Kingdom and in continental Europe.

This horny harlot comes out of nowhere and is too hardcore for softer work

Jennifer Eccles began appearing in softcore magazines like "Mayfair," "Knave," "Men Only" and "Whitehouse" in , when she was 22 years old. While she tried her hand at the softer stuff at first, it was evident that she was not made for this type of material. One photographer referred to her as a "nutcase." From these publications, Jennifer Eccles moved into magazines in Scandinavia, such as "Pirate No. 1," "Color Climax," "Private" and "Busen." This retro pornstar worked under various names, including Bobbie, Joanna, Sally Goodman, Trixie, Angel and Petra.

What made this bombshell so unique in her work? She looked like she legitimately enjoyed getting fucked on camera. She had a very expressive face that showed an intensity as cocks were getting thrust into and out of her. Jennifer also with gusto, looking up into a man's face with hope that she was giving him the greatest sensation of his life. Even when the beautiful appeared solo in front of the camera, she had a lustful appearance that said she wanted to get naked and as soon as the photographer was done.

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With shapely, natural tits and a dense, hairy bush, Jennifer Eccles becomes a U.K. porn star

It also helped that this harlot was worth looking at. Her were full but not monstrous. They had perfectly proportioned areolas and that popped out just a little bit from the ends of her boobs. Her body was very fit, too. She had slender arms and legs, and not a lick of fat on her hips, which made her natural 42DD/E US (95E EU/Int, see Table 2) breasts all the more mesmerizing. Jennifer Eccles also had large, doll-like blue eyes that captured the camera when she gazed into the lens. Her mouth was average-sized but was accented by full, luscious, red lips.

The most captivating aspect of her body, however, was her . For a woman with fair British features and skin tone, she had a dense jungle of pussy hair on her cunt. It ran south from her twat and enveloped her , too. This had meaty, thick pussy lips as well that looked like they flapped and clapped against any cock that was her. Any guy who was eating her out - and there were many in this pornstar's 2-year career - had to do some deft finger work to peel away her pussy lips and pubes to get at and work her clit.

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This slut gets fucked in any and all orifices on camera, and looked like she enjoyed it

When this hairy whore performed on camera, she had no limits in what she would do. Getting fucked in the pussy? What do you expect? Of course! Sucking cocks with her mouth? Naturally! Taking a dick in the ass? Anytime she could. And when men were done fucking her, Jennifer Eccles was not afraid to let the jizz fly wherever they wanted. On her pussy, all over her DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) boobs, on her face - she enjoyed taking cum all over her body.

This loving superstar didn't limit herself to guys, however. In a few pieces (most notably, the film "Shower Lust" or "Showdown at Muscle Beach"), Jennifer performed in girl-on-girl lesbian scenes, sucking on her partner's titties or eating out another woman's pussy like it was second-nature.

This whore also looked great in whatever outfit the photographer placed her in. She had a great figure, so appearing completely was a treat for any guy who gazed upon her. However, she did amazing series in and garter belts, and one of her most memorable pieces of camera work was in a bathing suit and swim cap underneath a running shower head. outfits, a belly dancer garb, or just clad in , Jennifer Eccles looked hot and sexy in all of them.

Sometime in , this cutie called it quits. Like a meteor, she shot into the scene, shined bright, and then left quickly. Whatever happened to her after this point is unknown. However, men everywhere are grateful for the time we had her.

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Jennifer Eccles wiki, interesting facts, bra & cup sizes

Table 1

Jennifer Eccles wiki and facts
BornNovember 30, 1955 (age 68)
Years active1977-1979
Started around22 years old
In business2 years
AliasesGillian Hanna, Sally Goodman
What are the interesting facts about Jennifer Eccles?

Table 2

Jennifer Eccles bra size and breast cup size
Bra size42DD/E95E42DD110E7E20DDE95
What bra and cup size did Jennifer Eccles wear?
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