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Our vintage underwear porn photos explore the sexual excitement of seeing a pair of sexy undies, smelling, and watching a girl put them on or take them off.

Watch girls take off their undies before sex and men pass the obstacle to access pussy. In the '50s, '60s, '70s, and 1980s, men had it easy, but those from the Victorian era had to wade through layers of clothing to finally get rid of their undies.

Underwear, especially female undies, had radically evolved from when women didn't wear them at all, when they had limited options, to today's unlimited choices.

We cycle back in time to the Victorian era and throughout the eras that came after the late '80s, with the lens focusing on the underwear right before the erotic action that follows.

With every advancing era, women covered their bodies up less and less. Panties were retained but the cloth shrunk with every coming generation. In the 1910s, women donned corsets, petticoats, underwear, princess slips, knit vests, hoop skirts, tunics, sweaters, etc.

The history of underwear is quite rich, dating back to ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece around 753 BC and 476 AD. While we don't have photo evidence from these bygone eras, we have vintage porn pics from the 1900s to the late '80s with underwear photographs.

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