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Sylvia McFarland filled ebony/black and niches in the men's pornographic magazine industry of the mid-1970s to mid-1980s. First, she was one of the earliest big tits black pornstars to achieve fame and fortune when African-Americans had hardly made any inroads into the porn trade. Second, she was one of the best-known busty pornstars of her time. Her mature ebony boobs were so big that, if guys saw moons and satellites orbiting them, they should not have been surprised at all. Her black was covered with dense dark hair. In some of the vintage shoots she used to expose her unshaven armpits.

Dark beauty Sylvia McFarland in lime green stockings seductively biting her pearl necklace

Dark beauty Sylvia McFarland in lime green stockings seductively bites her pearl necklace

This black vintage pornstar was born in (age 71) in Detroit, Michigan (USA) to an impoverished that eventually relocated to the Trinidad Islands. Being poor had an effect on her, and she vowed she would never live in similar circumstances if she ever got a decent sum of money to herself.

When Sylvia was younger, she also noticed something else about her circumstances that made her unique - her breasts grew. A lot! In fact, they grew to such proportions that she feared eating anything because any weight she gained went straight to her . Thus, when she was a , this large-chested princess developed the look that would be her trademark - skinny arms, skinny legs, skinny waist, and gargantuan 42DDD/F US (95F EU/Int, see Table 3) tits.

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Sylvia McFarland returns to the USA and has the goods to dominate nude modeling

Somehow this honey ended up on the West Coast, lived in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, and in , when she was 21 years old, broke into modeling. She went straight to posing in front of the camera without any clothing and became a staple in the industry. When she started appearing in spreads, her measurements were 42-24-36 inches (107-61-91 centimeters, see Table 2), 132 pounds (60 kilograms) and she sported DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cup sized breasts. And these were perched on a 5 feet, 4 inches (163 centimeters) frame.

As you may have guessed, this big-titted vixen's boobs were the magnet that drew men in. These all-natural whoppers were rumored to weigh 20 pounds (9 kilograms) total. They were surprisingly smooth and free of stretch marks. Sylvia McFarland also exhibited excellent posture and knew how to throw her shoulders in such a way to give her breasts some natural "lift." Her areolas and were rather prominent and rose above the surface of her tits like two small volcanoes.

Remember that diet plan Sylvia was on in her youth? The one that kept her very, very slim to keep her boobs from growing? She apparently continued it into adulthood. Her photos revealed skinny arms and slender legs on this bosomy queen. Her waist was very flat and thin, too. While she undoubtedly succeeded in keeping the weight off the rest of her body, she also succeeded in drawing attention to the massiveness of her tits instead.

Sylvia McFarland also had a face made for modeling as well. She had strong, Caribbean features which made her a natural choice to help pioneer the trade. Her easygoing smile played well for the camera in her photographic work. She always opted to use her own hair, never wore a wig, and styled it into either a perm or a more natural-looking Afro.

This busty bombshell satisfied another niche in men's adult magazines for which she was less well-known: . This chesty babe had an that was very dark, very dense and ran from hip to hip. Sylvia also accentuated her tangled twat with dark, unshaven armpits. Add to this the bushy Afro hairstyle she sported in some of her photo series and you had an image that any hairy fetishist would lust after.

Men's magazines that cater to big boob fetishists call on this busty honey

Being a big-boobed queen put this lady in demand with a large number of men's magazines who catered to such interests. She had multiple spreads in "Busty Blacks," "Knockers & Nipples," "Gent," "Fling" and "Mayfair." The magazines in which she appeared were all under the same publishing house, Parliament News Publishers.

She also worked under a few aliases, including Janette Jordan, Corrina Mujica, and Anne Claude. Throughout her eight year career, Sylvia McFarland only posed for one photographer, Lance Kincaid. Surprisingly, this enchanting lady never broke into in either pictures or film. Instead, she only posed solo and only did photographic spreads.

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Sylvia McFarland retires from posing in men's magazines but learned lessons from her youth

Sometime in , Sylvia had settled into living in Los Angeles (USA) and then decided to retire permanently from men's adult magazine work. No one really knows what happened to her after this. Rumor has it, however, that she saved enough of her modeling money that she never had to experience the poverty that plagued her formative years. However, her legacy at least continued for a few more years. Sylvia had a cousin who did nude modeling and worked under the alias "Clorese." This cutie was much younger but had almost as impressive a body.

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Sylvia Mcfarland body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Sylvia Mcfarland wiki and facts
Born1953 (age 71)
Years active1974-1982
Started around21 years old
In business8 years
AliasesJanette Jordan, Corrina Mujica, Anne Claude
What are the interesting facts about Sylvia Mcfarland?

Table 2

Sylvia Mcfarland physical body statistics
Height5 ft 4 in163 cm
Weight132 lb60 kg
Bust size42 in107 cm
Waist size24 in61 cm
Hip size36 in91 cm
Measurements42-24-36 in107-61-91 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Sylvia Mcfarland?

Table 3

Sylvia Mcfarland bra size and breast cup size
Bra size42DDD/F95F42E110F7F20EF95
What bra and cup size did Sylvia Mcfarland wear?
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