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This category revisits the vintage pantyhose porn pics taken at the height of the outfit's popularity. These classic XXX pictures feature some of the renowned names in porn around the 1950s, like the stunning classic stripper Jennie Lee, America's vintage porn darling Lilian Parker, and the busty Janey Reynolds, among others. Watch these horny pornstars throw sexy performances in their alluring pantyhoses.

Pantyhose was an instant hit among the models, centerfolds, pinups, and adult performers of the previous eras. Burlesque dancers in theaters and strippers in strip clubs and cabarets rocked sexy tights to thrill their audiences. Adult magazines boosted their sales by publishing nudes of girls in pantyhose stockings.

In the 1950s, the hosiery division of female fashion underwent yet another upset, from girdles and stockings to the new invention - pantyhose - popularly referred to as sheer tights by the English. The pantyhose were tight legwear designed to cover the waist to the toes while conveniently concealing physical blemishes such as scars, bruises, and hairy legs.

It was meant to be sexier as opposed to what was there before. Soon after it hit the stores, it ranked favorably among the sexiest female apparel of the late '50s and '60s when miniskirts had become widely popular.

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