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Nipples are among the most erogenous zones in a woman's body. They offer nearly the same sensation upon stimulation as the vagina, clits, and cervix. Thanks to the complex network of sensitive nerves that transmit sexual stimuli to the brain, nipple play is quite the foreplay when executed right.

The naughty men and boys from ancient times almost certainly didn't fathom the biology behind nipple stimulation. Still, they knew what would happen if they fiddled or sucked a lady's nipples. The vintage nipple porn videos on this page illustrate exactly how classic women responded to erotic nipple play.

First, you'll appreciate the tempting natural tits these ancient women flaunt in these stag films. Most of the vintage porn movies here are in black and white, but you can see and admire the girls' pointy nipples.

Big boobs came with big nipples that felt just right, sucking or fiddling to arouse sexual pleasure. As you're probably aware, nipple play is a delicate practice that should be carried out precisely, as it can be painful.

Somehow these retro men knew the exact amount of sucking that went into creating the ideal experience. Of course, what followed was some hardcore fucking when the girls were wet enough and ready for penetration.

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