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In the there seemed to be a deluge of sexy, curvy blonde babes ready to take it all off in a quest to be the next big pinup girl. Bobbie Reynolds stood out in the crowd for two reasons: her incredible, and her fantastic, infectious smile. Make no mistake about it, when Bobbie is in the picture you can't take your eyes off of her.

Sweet blonde Bobbie Reynolds softly squishing her silky tits while smiling

Sweet blonde Bobbie Reynolds softly squishes her luxurious tits while smiling

Bobbie's bodacious boobs look great in lingerie

As Bobbie started making a name for herself (sometimes she also posed under the name Barbara Reynolds) she stood out for her ability to model, and then out of, some of the on the planet. From garters and thigh to lacy, frilly outfits, Bobbie made it all look fantastic.

This famous model knew just how to move her body to show off her incredible curves. Of course, that smile, warm, welcoming and genuine always helped. When she looked at you and smiled, you got pulled into her world and felt that she wanted you there with her having some steamy, fun.

Many of Bobbie's lingerie shoots ended up with her wearing very little or nothing at all. As brilliant as her smile was, so were her magnificent breasts. As far as we can tell from her pictures, her tits were probably C-cup size. Bobbie's all natural boobs hung on her chest perfectly. They were just the right size (a little more than a handful), and she had beautiful, that look like someone had pasted a cookie to her tits - they drew your mouth to them. Her legs were tight, toned and terrific, and her could be framed, hung in a museum and appreciated in as a work of art.

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Bobbie Reynolds gets naked outdoors around Los Angeles

Some might be a little shy and only want to pose in a studio or a house. Bobbie loved to take the action . Wearing nothing more than a garter that she unhooked and used to cover her , Bobbie hit the beach. Her jugs jiggled as she ran through the sand, showing off her fully nude form as she and another sexy model frolicked in the surf and put on a smoldering hot show.

Bobbie Reynolds also in nature. Appearing fully clothed in a long dress and blazer, she makes herself comfortable in front of a boulder and begins to peel off the clothes. As one piece of clothes after another hits the ground, the can't help but smile when she finally slips off her underwear and sits on the boulder - a natural goddess in her element.

Sadly, Bobbie never did go full frontal, so we don't get to see her , but she loved to show her ass. For an ass lover, Bobbie Reynolds is a wet dream come true.

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Bobbie Reynolds shows her sense of humor and becomes a Spider Pool Girl

Bobbie never took herself or modeling, too seriously. This retro pornstar loved being naked, and she loved posing for the camera, and her enjoyment shines through in her pictures. Whether she is bending over and pressing her melons together while holding a rubber nose and glasses on them so it looks like a nipple-tastic face or if she is standing outside posing and laughing at a joke, she kept it light, sexy and fun.

The Spider Pool Girls are a group of and 1960s pin-up girls that posed at a famous house with a pool that had a spider mural behind it. It became a favorite backdrop for many photographers, especially those who shot nude models. Bobbie Reynolds joined the club when she posed there in the buff alongside an equally stunning brunette. As the sun shone down on her glorious globes, you can't help but want to latch onto those breasts and suckle away!

Towards the end of her career, Bobbie did some shoots that were in color including one where she is wearing nothing more than an headdress. Shot from the side, her body is the image of female perfection with her perky tits, round ass and arched back.

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