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Great beauty has always been irresistible and Gloria Marlowe possessed it in excess. Classically good looking, she used her charms to forge a career in television acting, but it was taking her clothes off for beautiful topless and lingerie pictures that secured her legacy as a woman with worth fantasizing about.

Vintage cutie Gloria Marlowe in sexy black fishnets slightly pulls up her shirt

Vintage cutie Gloria Marlowe in sexy black fishnets slightly pulls up her shirt

Born in Brooklyn, New York (USA) in the , Gloria Marlowe found success as a in the 1950s, baring her natural 34B US (75B EU/Int, see Table 1) breasts for the camera on numerous occasions and thriving in the fantasies of stroking men around the country.

This model was a classy sort of beauty, looking like a flawless of the era that was happy to take her clothes off and show her tits. You have to imagine the men of the '50s were only too thrilled to dream of a girl like her greeting them after a long day at work.

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Beautiful girl looks like a flawless 1950s housewife

As with any seeking fame and fortune, Gloria Marlowe was happy to find work as an though her career hardly reached the heights she was undoubtedly hoping for. She had a small part in the movie "Anything Can Happen" and over a span of six years appeared as a guest star on a handful of television shows including "Inner Sanctum," "The Man Behind the Badge," "Decoy," and "Naked City."

Her last known credit is from , and little is known about her after that year. It's nice to think that she retired to a happy life in the suburbs, becoming the irresistibly type she always seemed to be in her pictures.

Gloria Marlowe shifted between and dirty though since all of her work is in black and white it can be difficult to tell from picture to picture. It always looked flawless though, usually done in the wavy style of the era and occasionally put up in a sexier, more seductive look. Her lips were plump and kissable, and she made them more so with a lovely coating of lipstick for almost all her work. This classic sex star tended to have very tightly styled eyebrows that were a sign of her era.

Perfect B cup breasts on Gloria Marlowe drive men wild with lust

There have always been women with spectacular breasts, but when you see the perfect B cup boobs of Gloria Marlowe it's easy to understand why she was able to find work as a topless pinup model. Her tits were so perky it's almost hard to believe, and her nipples are round and a little bit puffy, which makes them look perfect for sucking on. She doesn't even need to strike a fancy pose to make her boobs look great. They are naturally flawless and always sitting high on her chest.

Likely due to the era, you will not find a shot of this girl. Her beautiful bare is exposed numerous times though, and it's on the lower half that her sensual curves shine. This sexy retro stunner was a relatively slender model, but she has gorgeous hips and the aforementioned booty that is relentlessly sexy. Her legs always looked exceptionally long and slim, particularly when in a pair of stockings and high heels.

was a frequent friend of topless pinup beauty Gloria Marlowe and makes browsing her black and white nude pictures a thrilling experience. On more than one occasion, she pulled on a pair of black fishnet stockings or pantyhose, including a few seamed sets, to strike poses for a talented photographer.

There's a gorgeous picture where she's in a blouse, skirt, fishnets, and heels and has her legs open so you can see her cute . A wide range of bras and girdles from the '50s are featured in her shoots as well. If you're a fan of , she's an excellent model to fall for as she clearly pulled from an ample supply to adorn her body for topless pictures.

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Sexy poses with other pretty ladies in lingerie and fully nude

Though Gloria often posed alone, there are several photo shoots where she worked with other topless ladies to arouse her fans. In the best of them she's with two other girls, and they each look flawlessly beautiful and are dressed to entertain in and lingerie. The shoot covers a healthy number of images and shows them around the house and striking various sexy poses to be as tempting as possible.

There's brief but flirty set of pics with her and another girl where they're touching each other, miming pulling their lingerie off. At the time, it was surely a bit scandalous to have two babes flirting with . All of Gloria's work was shot in the studio in front of a simple, plain background or in fairly simple houses. It seems she modeled before the time when photographers expanded their palette and moved their ladies .

Look through the tantalizing work of Gloria Marlowe, and you'll almost certainly come away with the impression that she was the ideal girl. Most women back then couldn't approach her beauty or sexiness, but when we look back nowadays, she is how we imagine ladies back then to be.

She's sophisticated, beautiful, slender with sexy hips, and possesses perfect breasts. She's the kind of woman you want to marry and have incredible, passionate sex with. She would be your happy homemaker and your goddess in the bedroom and for that reason she is celebrated today by those that love vintage pinups. All of her existing work can be found at Vintage Cuties, and it is well worth a visit to experience her irresistible beauty.

Gloria Marlowe breast and bra sizes

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Gloria Marlowe bra size and breast cup size
Bra size34B75B34B90B3B12BB75
What bra and cup size did Gloria Marlowe wear?
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