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While we only managed to collect old Japanese porn videos from the Victorian era, it is worth noting that technically Japanese porn predates the 21st century.

Shunga, Japanese erotic art popularized during the Edo period between and , is regarded as the first pornographic material of Japanese origin.

It probably inspired modern-day Japanese Manga and Anime, which have since been adopted in the West as Hentai. However, the Japanese version continues to reign supreme over its knockouts.

The West admittedly borrowed extensively from original Japanese porn concepts, and so did Japan borrow from the West.

This section features JAV inspired by American and European porn. The themes are exactly what you would find in typical Japanese porn: couples hardcore fucking, gangbangs, and group sex, mature women fucking younger boys, and older men delighting in younger pussy, among several other themes, will undoubtedly get you hard as fuck.

Watch the famous erotic blue films of the 1960s, a bit older 35 mm and 8 mm film Japanese porn movies of the Jazz and Victorian eras in our vintage porn films section.

We take you back to the period before the Japanese government directed adult filmmakers to censor models' genitals, making you speculate whether the cock was in the pussy already. Fun times they were!

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