Jackie Parker - British Pin-up Beauty with 42DDD/F Jugs and Intimate Pubic Haircuts

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When you think of the term tart you might as well envision sexy Jackie Parker. Jackie, who also went by the name Pearl Jones, was a sexy pinup girl actively modeling in the 1950s and . Her slim, sexy body, tight ass, and long legs only helped make her giant boobs look even bigger. This sexy British bombshell used the Big Bens on her chest to build herself a very nice career.

Flirty bombshell Jackie Parker with a finger in her mouth and large puffy boobs

Flirty bombshell Jackie Parker with a finger in her mouth and large puffy tits

Gigantic tits on a small frame will make you drool for Jackie

Not much is known about her early life. Only that Jackie was born in (age 87). Her modeling career began when she was 22 years old.

All we can say while looking through her many pictures here is, wow! Can you imagine holding Jackie Parker's gorgeous body near yours? Wrapping your arms around her very tiny waist, rumored to be less than 20 inches (51 centimeters) around, and yet having 42DDD/F US (95F EU/Int, see Table 3) breasts pressed up against you? Just think about that for a second, how amazing that is to see! Or better yet, join our site and see girls like her and stacked chicks from so many past eras at Vintage Cuties, that you won't even have to use your imagination to find out just what that's like!

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British porn star Jackie Parker shows her big tits in a photoshoot

Jackie Parker was active starting in the and her career spanned 11 years before she stopped modeling in . That got her into the color age though, and you're going to want to see what this bodacious babe looks like in color, believe me! Of course, we prefer gorgeous gals like Jackie Parker to be in the pictures we offer here, but she definitely had a way with different outfits that made her look fantastic in front of the camera.

One minute you're seeing her in a tightly wrapped with her heavy bosom popping out over the top of it. The next, you've got her in a lacy garter belt with attached to it, as she's squatting in front of the camera, knowing that she's making her readers salivate. There's one pictorial in particular that you have to check out in our member's area, where Jackie is decorating an apartment with a curvy beauty, stripping their clothes to their stockings and panties while cozying up to a fire. That is one series of shots you don't want to miss!

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Sexy pictures make her big beautiful boobs and tight body stand out

The pictorials this big-breasted vintage pornstar did in that era were stunning, as you'll soon find out. For a barely 5 feet (152 centimeters) , she really knew how to look fantastic on camera! It helped that her boobs were 2/3rds as big around as she was tall! Her measurements were 42-19-34 inches (107-48-86 centimeters, see Table 2). Even when she wasn't alone and taking pictures with other , there was something about Jackie that made the camera lens flock to her as the primary focus.

While her natural breasts clearly were the star of the show, Jackie's sexy legs and also played a major role in her success. Sprawled out face down on the lawn with her perfect ass in the air, Jackie looks inviting and amazing. Sitting with her legs out showing her amazing hips and sexy thighs that had just the right amount of muscle definition to make them flawless, Jackie could be a statue in any art museum around the world. Jackie's defined abs predated her.

In an era where most models were voluptuous, curvy and had some extra weight, she was tight, fit and had a flat belly that you would want to eat a meal off of. Besides photos, Jackie also appeared in a number of erotic film loops. The hottest of them can be watched inside of Vintage Cuties members area.

Jackie Parker tries different hairstyles and different pussy styles

Because of her charm in front of the camera, you can see Jackie Parker being posed in a variety of ways, whether you'll see her , in stockings frolicking in bed, or as a in the shower wetting her t-shirt so you can see her stick out. You'll even see her in sexy outdoor scenes by the pool or even in public being naughty naked!

Jackie was a natural brunette who generally liked to wear her hair down over her shoulders, but this classic was always ready and willing to try new things for the sake of sexy, . In some shoots, she appears as a with her hair pulled up into a bun. In another, she has more natural waves and an auburn color and still another sees her with curly, natural blonde locks.

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Jackie Parker also experimented with her pussy. Early in her career she went for the full bushy, hairy pussy look that was popular at the time. She also trimmed it down into a triangle and even went with the fully shaved look for a while.

Whether it was the carpet or drapes, Jackie was ready and willing to try all sorts of sexy styles.

This bosomy retro sex star has got a smile that keeps you captivated and wanting more. Her ass might not have stuck out as much as her did, but she has a curve to them that was framed well when she wore garter belts and thigh high . There's no way we couldn't include the beautiful Jackie Parker at Vintage Cuties, where you can sign up and see all the beautiful models, retro softcore and , from so many different eras.

Jackie Parker body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Jackie Parker wiki and facts
Born1937 (age 87)
Years active1957-1968
Started around20 years old
In business11 years
AliasesPearl Jones
What are the interesting facts about Jackie Parker?

Table 2

Jackie Parker physical body statistics
Height5 ft152 cm
Bust size42 in107 cm
Waist size19 in48 cm
Hip size34 in86 cm
Measurements42-19-34 in107-48-86 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Jackie Parker?

Table 3

Jackie Parker bra size and breast cup size
Bra size42DDD/F95F42E110F7F20EF95
What bra and cup size did Jackie Parker wear?
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