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Huge natural teardrop shaped tits define blonde Lisa Matthews and they're the reason she dances through the brains of so many guys as they fantasize. She's a voluptuous large natural tits babe with pillowy lips, big brown eyes, and beautiful and her run as a marvelous is immortalized in hot pictures to feast your eyes on.

Retro blonde Lisa Matthews in a white robe with massive tits hanging out

Retro blonde Lisa Matthews in a white robe with massive tits hanging out

pin-up model Lisa Matthews made her magazine debut in , bringing her huge natural breasts to the buyers of "Stare." For nearly a decade, she would continue modeling, racking up appearances in magazines like "Fling," "Gem" and "The Swinger" as the audience's lust for her only grew over a remarkable number of years. It's not hard to see why though, since a girl with this combination of big tits and lusty skills in front of the camera is rare.

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Big DDD/F cup breasts are real and exceptionally perky

Any discussion of vintage babe Lisa Matthews has to begin with her since they were the reason this bombshell went into a career in nude modeling. The impressive DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cups have the flawless teardrop shape that girls dream of and that drives men wild with lust. You see her titties, and you want to hold them in your hand, to bring her nipples to your mouth, and to use them for your pleasure. As with almost any woman blessed with , she had a curvaceous body with wide hips and a she was happy to show off.

Her hair was fairly unique, if only for the style she almost always wore it in. It was parted to the side and at the bottom it almost always curled up. In the vast majority of her , she's in the same style, outside of a few where it's much shorter. It's been speculated that she wore a wig for her photo shoots, and it's certainly possible, but it matters little. If you like her blonde hair and the style she's chosen you'll be utterly delighted because it's so consistent and cute.

Sultry pinup girl Lisa Matthews makes every picture seem like an orgasm

In most of her topless work, Lisa gives the camera a deeply sultry look, using her remarkably plump lips and big brown eyes to communicate the kind of lust you don't see from many vintage pin-up girls. Some go for a happy girl next door, some are just intensely beautiful and needn't do much of anything, but this big boobs blonde wants every image to make you think of sex. That's what happens, too. You see that look on her face, with her lips often in a shade of red or dark pink lipstick and mascara extending her eyelashes, and you can't help but think of being in bed with her, looking down at those lovely eyes as you fill her, and she moans for you.

You'll often see her full body, but the curvaceous vintage goddess doesn't show her pussy. This busty vintage pornstar keeps that for her and her bedroom partners, sharing her tits and ass with you or just her in pictures. On the plus side, that means hot photos of her in remarkably arousing . There are several where Lisa models lace boyshorts, and on a set of hips and an ass like hers that's as sexy as lingerie gets. She has a few pictures with sheer robes that have been smartly unbuttoned to show us her boobs in all their glory, and one that shows her wrapped in the lightest sheer black robe where her melons look utterly flawless. It's her best picture.

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Cardigan sweaters and sexy lingerie make her pictures sexier

The majority of big breasted vintage babes spent their time or totally topless, but Lisa Matthews (also known under the name Dolly Parker) liked to mix it up a little. That's why there's more clothing in her shots than most. You'll still see her naked boobs almost all the time, of course, but you'll see her in an unbuttoned cardigan with her tits popping out. Those sorts of era-specific sets are always a thrill ride, and she delivers better than most.

There are a few incredible pictures of her in a one-piece swimsuit where her huge natural titties are just begging to be let free as they push tight against the material. In one of the few fully-clothed pictures she did Lisa wears a skintight black tee with a underneath and her boobs look humongous pushing so far out from her chest.

In most pinup images, you'll find Lisa posing around the house and using the different areas smartly. In one, she's perfect in an open nightgown as she looks through the record collection and her smooth legs have never looked more arousing. From the upper thighs down to her ankles you see everything, and they look smooth and sexy. In another pic, she's naked and about to step into the bathtub to get her big titties all wet.

There's a hot series of photos where this star is naked as a costume lady takes her measurements. There's a candid feel to those pictures that's awfully thrilling. On a few occasions, she went , posing poolside with her swimsuit pulled down so her could soak up the sun. In another she's outside by the house in an unbuttoned cardigan and white capri pants.

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