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This category features sexy vintage couple porn pics from the Edwardian era to the period of the Third Great Awakening ('70s), characterized by the rise of disco and trendy bell bottoms. Watch horny couples fucking in their matrimonial beds, the kitchen, car, and sometimes outdoors.

Foreplay seems the same throughout the eras, including blowjob, pussy licking, and fingering for the ladies. The predominant sex styles of these classical eras include the missionary and doggy-style positions. You'd be surprised to watch couples from the WWI era in black and white still pictures partaking in the kinky 69.

The origin of marriage dates way before recorded history; that's how far back the good people of ancient times have been fucking as couples. Couple porn could easily be the first idea for vintage porn pics before the cheesy acting that came after, including maids fucking their bosses, the pizza delivery guy trading his product for pussy, and the handyman, among others.

So how different from today did couples from 100 years ago and beyond fucked? Honesty, nothing has changed much, considering we've been recycling sex moves from the Victorian era throughout the decades in between.

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