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In an age when and pin-up girls were all the rage, Cherrie Knight was among the elite of these women. The tits of this famous pornstar were her single asset, however, they made her unique. They were simply not great. They were spectacular. Even if she never showed her , hardly ever gave the camera a genuine "fuck me" look, or rarely posed her ass in pictures, Cherrie showed those fantastic for all the world to see, and men flocked to her for this reason alone.

Bombshell Cherrie Knight with big flabby tits appealingly poses in her fishnets

Bombshell Cherrie Knight with big flabby tits appealingly poses in her fishnets

Ms. Knight (born Sherrie Knight, but also known as Cherrie Knight, Cherri Knight, and Sherry Knight) was a reddish-brunette haired burlesque performer and who started dancing in the and was based out of Southern California (USA). Biographical data on Cherrie Knight is slim. From her films and pictures, it was obvious that Cherrie's most noticeable feature was her . Although exact measurements on her chest are very difficult to find, one word comes to mind when looking at photos of her boobs - "huge."

Pictures of Cherrie Knight abound on the web, which reflects the widespread popularity she had in the during the post-war years. No doubt, men from coast to coast were clamoring to fuck her. Her breasts were legendary, and she was not afraid to display them. Her most common pose showed Cherrie angling her body at 45 degrees to the camera to reveal both boobs for the lens and to accentuate the curves in her tits, her cavernous cleavage, and her . Alternatively, she frequently squeezed them together for the camera, turning an already large set of breasts into gargantuan sized. Oh, if only was a thing back in the fifties like it is today!

The prominence of Cherrie's bust in her career is also highlighted by what we do not see in her work. Photos of her are nearly non-existent. She also never, ever showed her pussy in any pictures. And the buxom diva with 44-26-37 inches (112-66-94 centimeters, see Table 1) figure very rarely featured anyone else in her work. Her photographs almost always showed her , posing on blankets, the ground, couches or a bed. When a person has a rack like Cherrie Knight did, there is no need to have anything else in the scene distracting from those perfect tits.

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Cherrie strips her way into movies and tries to overtake the big-name sex icons of the era

Photos of Cherrie Knight had spread widely by the time she came to the attention of the famed burlesque and filmmaker Irving Klaw, who cast her in his release - "Teaserama" (). "Buxom" Cherrie (as the film trailer described her) had a act approximately two-thirds of the way through the movie which concluded with her in a "see through" bra and gold pasties over her nipples. While somewhat tame by contemporary standards, this scene would be viewed as risque by what was acceptable cinematography in the fifties. Unfortunately for this pin-up legend, her performance was upstaged by bigger named performers Bettie Page and Tempest Storm, who also appeared in the same film.

"Teaserama" showed in real time Cherrie's trademark look that stood out in her still photography work. With her quintessential perm wave hair do and look towards the camera that hinted at slight detachment from the entire scene, Cherrie Knight reflected the women of that era who were supposed to be reserved homemakers caring for their families. However, with her soft, delicious skin and exposed for the world to see, this buxom queen projected sexuality that any man would want to possess.

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Young babe Cherrie Knight shakes her super big boobs

Cherrie Knight spreads her fame further through magazine publications and even sexier poses

Cherrie's next major accomplishment was appearing on the cover of her proto-porn publication in that was released by Leonard Burtman under the title "Cherri Knight." To the unknowing, "proto-porn" magazines and booklets were fifties-era pornographic publications marketed as "figure studies for artists and photographers" so as to beat smut laws of that age and to avoid community censors.

There is no information about how the issue featuring Cherrie Knight sold. However, if the photos are indicative of sales, this magazine should have been an all-time bestseller. Cherrie is posed completely nude in a variety of positions outdoors on a blanket - on her back, sitting upright, and angled on her side, for example. Her natural breasts respond accordingly to each pose, gracefully moving and curving depending on the position.

No implants in this busty girl (injections of liquid silicone into tits in the 1950s to 1960s were prohibited)! The outdoor lighting plays off her bust to create deep, dark shadows in her cleavage to accentuate her pronounced . Of course, Cherrie Knight is giving the camera that trademark look that says "You can see this much, but this is as naughty as I get..."

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Cherrie's career declines and fades from public view, but later she is rediscovered by an adoring public

By the time the sixties rolled around, Cherrie Knight's fame had passed, and photographs, performances and films of her had pretty much ceased.

Cherrie fell away from public view until the renaissance in burlesque and pin-up girls happened in the early 21st century. Archived footage of her performances appeared in the documentary film "Striptease: The Greatest Exotic Dancers of All Time." It was quickly followed by another documentary film also released in titled "Taboo: The Beginning of Erotic Cinema" which again featured film of Cherrie's from the '40s and '50s.

Cherrie Knight was able to capitalize on this renewed interest in burlesque with a cameo film appearance in the low-budget horror film "Acid Bath," where she played the role of "The Fantasy Girl."

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Cherrie Knight body measurements and physical statistics

Table 1

Cherrie Knight physical body statistics
Bust size44 in112 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements44-26-37 in112-66-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Cherrie Knight?
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