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Check out some of the vintage '60s porn photos we managed to collect. Notably, some images are colored compared to those of the previous decade.

The XXX images of the 1960s featured hardcore anal action, swinging group sex, and the women sported beautiful hairy pubes and had big tempting boobs. Enjoy our handpicked selection of erotic smut from the '60s featuring wild hardcore photographs.

Popularly remembered in America as the "cultural decade" and the "swinging decade" in the UK, the 1960s was generally a decisive period in fashion, global politics, sexuality, and porn.

The counterculture movement of the '60s caused a significant stir in photography, which led stakeholders to explore social taboos like sex, homosexuality, and sexual violence, among others.

The '60s saw the era of independent and underground photo studios leading to widespread pornographic photo production.

The adult photography industry sprung from underground photography, and there were a lot of high-grossing vintage porn magazines of this era to show.

Polaroid had invented the instant-picture camera, known as a Land Camera and remains one of the top-selling cameras of all time, and shooting porn was about to change dramatically.

Color film and color prints used to cost several times more than black-and-white, and taking color snapshots in deep shade or indoors required flashbulbs.

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