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Blaze Starr was a redheaded , a world class stripper and burlesque dancer for nearly two decades, inspiring a Hollywood movie and thousands of orgasms with her big breasts, her long red hair, and her breathtaking body. No man could resist the allure of her incredible curves; even the governor of Louisiana cheated on his to be with her.

Breathtaking legend Blaze Starr in a stunning dress with satin opera gloves and delicate cleavage

Breathtaking legend Blaze Starr in a stunning dress with satin opera gloves and delicate cleavage

How a West Virginia girl became a big breasted stripping goddess

The girl that would become Blaze Starr, legendary object of lust, was born as Fannie Belle Fleming on in West Virginia (USA). She scurried out of her hometown at 15 and found work as a waitress at the Mayflower Donut Shop in Maryland, which is where the real story begins. It was at her job that she met Red Snyder, that man that would first convince her to strip and become her manager, guiding the early phase of her career.

Imagine the voluptuous you know and love on stage in a cowgirl outfit, doing her first ever act. Her cleavage was on display and her little denim shorts left plenty of flesh exposed for the audience to ogle. She would strum her guitar for a little bit, sing a short ditty, and then get to the , which is what all the eager, tongue wagging guys in the crowd wanted. At first she was so shy she covered her pussy with her cowboy hat, but it didn't take long for the lusty chants of the guys to wear down her modesty. Before long the curvaceous chick with fiery hair had every man captivated with her incredible 38DD/E US (85E EU/Int, see Table 3) tits with rock , her wide hips, and her gorgeous milky white .

You've surely seen her pictures, but if you haven't then imagine beautiful Blaze Starr with 38-24-37 inches (97-61-94 centimeters, see Table 2), DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) measurements, 5 feet, 6 inches (168 centimeters) height and 112 pounds (51 kilograms) weight. Those are the sort of curves that drive guys wild, especially when they're being revealed in a sultry . Later in her career her natural tits expanded to an astonishing 40DD/E US (90E EU/Int).

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Blaze Starr becomes a nationally desired dancer and sex object

In , with her career still on the rise, 23-year-old Blaze Starr left her manager and moved to Baltimore to perform at the Two O'Clock Club. It wasn't long before the voluptuous ginger babe was the headliner; her talent for dancing and her undeniably physical beauty and mouth watering curves were irresistible to all that came into the club. Each night an audience full of men that desired nothing more than to be with the girl on stage, to have the privilege of her, was good business. On one evening that audience included a writer and photographer for "Esquire Magazine," which in published an article about the in Baltimore. It catapulted Ms. Starr to national prominence and gave her the freedom to perform where she chose.

She moved to New Orleans and almost immediately engaged in a torrid affair with the governor of Louisiana, Earl Long. In a country full of men that dreamed of the famous burlesque babe, of being between her legs and driving their deep inside her, this man had the exclusive privilege of doing so. Their affair was so famous it became the subject of a movie, "Blaze," directed by Ron Shelton. It starred Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovich as the couple. The sex must have been world class!

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Mature woman Blaze Starr washes her nude body in a bathtub

Blazing hot stripteases made miss Blaze Starr famous

Blaze Starr had perfect, all natural DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) breasts, wide hips, and a gorgeous , but without something extra a girl doesn't become a star of burlesque and stripping. For this smoking hot it was about coming up with an inventive routine. Her most notable featured a couch that she had rigged to look like it would on fire while she was doing her dirty dance.

Imagine a breathtakingly voluptuous redhead on stage in a skimpy outfit with pasties on her . Her movements are overwhelmingly sexual as her hands caress her soft flesh the way every man in the audience wants to, including her beautiful tits and the warm and wet pussy between her legs. She lays on the couch, her legs parted as she touches herself and moans as escapes her lips. Smoke begins to pour from between her legs and it looks as though the couch is on fire. She's such a sizzling hot chick that she has torched her prop!

She had a second, seemingly more dangerous routine where a panther would come on stage and eat chunks of meat off her body, revealing her , smooth ass, and perfect pussy to the crowd before it sauntered off, its desire for food satiated. Blaze retired from stripping in , having enraptured audiences with her sensual skills and remarkable beauty for 28 years. She began a second career as a gemologist and has given multiple about her life and career since. A deeper understanding of her life can be had through her memoir.

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See Blaze Starr nude in her acting debut in a sexploitation film

Back in the day of Blaze Starr, before became popular, there were sexploitation films. They featured lots of naked girls and non-explicit sex, hoping to make their fans as they dreamed of being nude with their favorite girls. In Blaze's film she plays a version of herself that slips away from her agent and spends the weekend being naughty at a resort. If you want to see Blaze Starr have sex then you need to check out her movie "Blaze Starr Goes Nudist" () because it's as close as you're going to get.

Blaze passed away on , at the age of 83.

When a man gazes upon the beauty that is redheaded and stripper Blaze Starr it's natural to get aroused. Her will take your breath away, her pussy is perfection, and her ass is round and smooth with milky white skin to die for. Join us today and you can experience everything this perfect woman has to offer.

Blaze Starr body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Blaze Starr wiki and facts
BornApril 10, 1932
DiedJune 15, 2015 (aged 83)
Years active1955-1983
Started around23 years old
In business28 years
AliasesFannie Belle Fleming
What are the interesting facts about Blaze Starr?

Table 2

Blaze Starr physical body statistics
Height5 ft 6 in168 cm
Weight112 lb51 kg
Bust size38 in97 cm
Waist size24 in61 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements38-24-37 in97-61-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Blaze Starr?

Table 3

Blaze Starr bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38DD/E85E38DD100E5E16DDE85
What bra and cup size did Blaze Starr wear?
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