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Best known for a and with Bettie Page, June King is an underappreciated and remarkably beautiful vintage nude model with a dirty side. You'll find , full pussy shots, and smoking hot sprinkled throughout her collection of sexy content and she's guaranteed to live in your fantasies.

Mesmerizing June King in lacy gloves and black heels lying naked on a red sofa

Mesmerizing June King in lacy gloves and black heels lies naked on a red sofa

Classy beauty wrestles and spanks Bettie Page in sexy stag film

American porn star June King was born in the early and worked as a pinup and for much of the , achieving her greatest level of fame in a stag film with Bettie Page. In it, the two girls are fully decked out in lingerie with stockings, bullet bras, and girdles and for nine minutes they roll around on the floor, play wrestling and spanking each other as they giggle. They both have big smiles on their faces, and they deliver excellent bottom slaps continuously. Though Bettie was more famous, both she and June are incredible in the scene and it's easy to see why it was such a delight to fetish fans in the '50s.

Outside of that scene, June King worked continuously as both a classy and naughty model, moving between both worlds as her exhibitionist desires always had her in front of the camera. No matter the type of work she was exceptionally beautiful with a sweet look about her, which is probably why she was so active as a naughty model.

This vintage pornstar offers an ideal female form with a slender waist, broad hips, and perky C cup . Her areolas and are small and beautiful, and she's generous in showing them off for pictures. When she smiles, she's truly irresistible, drawing you in with genuine joy at modeling for you.

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Hairy pussy and perfect tits make the natural beauty June King breathtaking

Unlike most models of the era, June King was happy to go and take you between her legs for a view of her gorgeous bush and her pussy lips on a few occasions. There's a notably sexy color picture where she's naked amongst a collection of nude paintings while in thick red lipstick, and you can make out her cunt lips under the dark pubes. It's an image you could stare at for hours as you appreciate everything this has to offer. She was a curvy girl in the hips so her ass, when caught on camera, was always generous and arousing.

June preferred a minimal makeup look, preferring to let her natural beauty shine. This model typically wore lipstick and a simple foundation to smooth out her skin. On the few occasions she was going for a more seductive look she would go a bit heavier with the makeup, but otherwise she was more of an girl next door type, albeit one that was with her pubic hair exposed or being tied up. Her brown hair was styled typically for the time, with lovely curls often on display.

There's great appeal in seeing a girl-next-door type tied up and on occasion June King posed for pictures with noted photographer Irving Klaw. One set has her in , stockings, high heels, and a white with her hands expertly tied behind her back and a gag in her mouth for a classic damsel in distress look, complete with a panicked look in her eyes that practically begs you to help her. In another she's in a similar outfit, this time with her legs hoisted into the air by a pulley and her hands behind her back.

Perhaps her bondage work has her tying another girl. June is dressed in white lingerie and black stockings and she's putting a gag in the girl's mouth as the image is snapped, and there's a deviously on her face as she completes her control over this beautiful young lady in black lingerie.

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Kinky girl makes a gorgeous lingerie model in stockings and girdles

Fans of vintage lingerie will go wild for June King as she came to popularity squarely in an era of girdles and , and she wears them flawlessly. There's an incredible image with three girls posing together, each in a satin bullet style bra and girdle panties. They all have smiles on their faces and look delighted to be the subject of a photographer's delight. It wasn't the first time June posed with other girls. There's an shoot where she and two other ladies pose by a lake, taking off their bras, skirts, and as they move towards the water.

One of her most notable photo shoots finds June in the shower with an older gentleman gleefully rubbing her body. It looks like he's washing her natural breasts, though without soap, and his hands are all over her stomach, , and thighs, even brushing her dark . Her body is at its most curvy and arousing, and she has the biggest smile on her face like it's their flirty ritual to have him clean her body. She is perhaps her most perfect in these images, and they alone are worth a membership.

June King's career didn't extend beyond the but this queen left a remarkable legacy, thanks to her stunning girl next door beauty, her vivacious personality that comes through in every image, and her lust for kinky play.

Perhaps what's most remarkable about June is that she segued smoothly between with her tied up or dominating another girl and shoots with her as a sweet girl modeling a dress and fishnet with a smile on her face. She could do it all, and she pursued a broad range of shoots because she craved varied experiences. Vintage Cuties has collected all her available photos, and any fan of charming 1950s pinup and fetish models will find her irresistible.

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