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With such an incredibly sexy body, pinup model Lane Weldon is an utterly irresistible babe. She also happens to be remarkably beautiful, so while your eyes drift to her first it's just as alluring to stare at her face and dream of waking up to that girl every morning. In both black and white and color photos, she captivated fans of busty pornstars for half a decade.

Dark haired beauty Lane Weldon unveils her soft and huge natural breasts in a black see-through robe

Dark-haired beauty Lane Weldon unveils her soft and huge natural tits in a black transparent robe

Born in California (USA) in , Lane Weldon (also known as Lois Wahl, Lane Weldon, and Elaine Wheldon) utilized her exceptional beauty and - measuring a stunning 48DDD/F US (110F EU/Int, see Table 2) - to build a successful career as a in magazines like "Fling," "Gem" and "Modern Man."

Her first appearance came in the issue of "Modern Man" and for the next four years she was a staple of popular pinup magazines, putting her tits on display for the stroke fantasies of eager guys.

Big perky boobs on a gorgeous girl make her utterly irresistible

Huge breasts don't come perkier than the ones on this stacked brunette beauty (unless they're implants). Hers have the most arousing shape, like thick melons sitting on her chest and calling your name. Beautiful nipples in the middle of sizable areolas make the mouth water, and Lane often has faint tan lines that only make her breasts look milkier. The 48-26-37 inches (122-66-94 centimeters, see Table 1) body that supports those impressive melons is smoking hot and remarkably slender.

Broad hips lead to a big ass that is perfectly proportioned, soft, and not shown nearly enough since you see the booty in just a few pictures. Her legs are rather slender, especially considering how top heavy she was, and they look fantastically toned and smooth despite almost never wearing . A topless model only, this kitten declined to show her in magazines.

Lane's beautiful brown hair was typically parted down the middle for her pictures though she would occasionally wear bangs or pull them back for a style look. The dark, shiny hair fell to just above her tits, gently caressing her skin as all her fans dreamed of doing. The tips were usually just a little bit curly, bending upwards towards the sky in a spectacularly flirty kind of way.

The structure of her eye bones lent itself to a particularly sexy use of eye shadow and in many pictures there's a lovely tint she uses that looks incredible. A little blush on the cheeks was common as well and made her look just a bit more and sweet. Her lips were often left natural though Lane Weldon would occasionally wear pretty red or pink lipstick to entice.

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Sexy eyes and lustrous brown hair sizzle on a sexy vintage babe

Busty of the '60s and '70s almost always looked straight into the camera lens for the sultry pics that would go into the magazine. Lane does the same thing; only it's far more arousing when she does it. Those sexy eyes are part of it, the way she styles her hair helps, and her exceptional beauty undoubtedly contributes to the sense that you're enraptured with this woman when you look at her in a still image.

Lane Weldon posed for black and white and color images in her pinup career. Many of the color pics come from her spread in "Modern Man," which includes a breathtaking shot where this bosomy classic sex star wears a sheer black robe that's open down the middle and covering her while leaving so much of her breathtaking tit flesh exposed. It's one of the few images where you can see her since while she often posed fully nude she always managed to find a deft way to hide the sexy space between her legs. In a lovely shot with her arms spread she's standing in front of a flower bouquet that hides her thick pubes from us.

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Soft sheer lingerie gently caresses the bosom of Lane Weldon

Wispy, sensual like the sheer robe mentioned above was a common sight in Lane . There's a shot with a sheer blue gown with ruffles where it's open enough to expose her boobs without exposing her nipples that look incredible. She wears a sheer pink robe with a lace top in one of her finest images as she sits on her knees in bed with her at their most arousing as she presents them to you. It's a common pinup pose because it always looks perfect. She wears boyshort panties in several sets, and they never fail to look perfect hugging her ass.

Outdoor and indoor shoots are interspersed throughout the career of Lane Weldon. This well-endowed vintage pornstar is just as comfortable posing next to a tree or hanging out poolside with her huge natural tits exposed as she is playing in the bedroom with her big brown eyes full of lusty desire and focused on the camera. In a memorable black and white picture, she's in a lounge chair poolside with her body at its leanest and a delightful look on her face as the sun warms her big boobs.

Solo poses were the bread and butter of pin-up hottie Lane. She didn't work with other models, and there was no need. She's flawless, busty, and curvaceous, and we only want to stare at her. She's a pure posing beauty with little action happening in her pics. Instead, most are geared towards finding the best way to show off her tits, and since they're flawless and massive and natural that's exactly what we want.

Few models combine beauty, , and skill at posing for the camera like Lane Weldon, making her an irresistible and memorable vintage pinup goddess. Vintage Cuties has a broad collection of her picture appearances in magazines like "Fling" and "Modern Man" in both color and black and white, and if you join today you get full access to them. There are dozens of chances to stare at her big boobs in high resolution and ogle with lust in your loins.

Lane Weldon body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Lane Weldon physical body statistics
Bust size48 in122 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements48-26-37 in122-66-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Lane Weldon?

Table 2

Lane Weldon bra size and breast cup size
Bra size48DDD/F110F48E125F10F26EF110
What bra and cup size did Lane Weldon wear?
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