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These are a collection of vintage XXX magazine photos that highlights several sizes of ass. You'll see hot Caucasian females with phat asses and stunning ebony babes with their effectively distracting big asses indulging in erotic action. Such vintage porn will surely turn you on.

Watch the lucky men of the retro eras have big rounded natural asses rigorously slam against their thighs as they pound them hardcore from behind. Unfortunately, you can't hear the sounds of the ass clapping on their thighs for the images from the sepia tone photography era.

Men have eroticized the female booty from ancient times if the vintage ass porn pictures in this section are anything to judge by. While there's no guarantee that a bigger ass means better sex, however heterosexual men are insanely attracted to fine asses - not necessarily big.

The French took it a little too far in the 19th century when they paraded a "Xhosa" woman with an ample ass as a freak show attraction in multiple European exhibitions.

Well, forget this ugly side of history regarding butts and savor some gorgeous natural asses from as far back as the Victorian era.

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