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Wife porn has existed since the Victorian era and is arguably among the original porn genres. On the other hand, marriage has been there well before recorded history, with its earliest documentation dating around 2350 BC.

Vintage wife porn videos resonate with everyone, married and unmarried, which explains how the genre has survived different eras.

In fact, a lot of vintage porn from the Victorian era through to the Golden Age of Porn was themed on husbands fucking their wives. The plots were quite basic - husbands arriving home from work to find their women eagerly waiting to suck and ride their cocks.

There wasn't a lot of dialogue in these films, as background piano sounds did the trick. Basic as they may, the action in these scenes is as erotic as they come.

The wives seduce their husbands, treating them to steamy foreplay that features deep kissing, blowjobs, caressing, handjobs, and deepthroats.

With the rock-hard cocks, they would slide them deep into their soaking wet pussies and fuck their way to orgasm.

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