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Hanna Viek was a who knew her trade. She was aware that she had a beautiful body and put it on display for all the world to see. Her natural were magnificently big and round, and they featured prominently in her work. Her hairy pussy instantly screamed that her work came from the 1970s, which is exactly when Hanna was a hit in the industry. And she knew her way around a man's cock. Images of her pleasuring her male partners in her films always showed them with happy, lustful smiles.

Mature blonde pornstar Hanna Viek with firm breasts seductively licks her lip

Mature blonde pornstar Hanna Viek with firm tits seductively licks her lip

Not a lot is known about this busty harlot. Some sources guessed Hanna was an Eastern European (maybe from Russia, Lithuania, or Poland) who made her way to West Germany to achieve adult film star success. Later, this queen claimed to be a who had sneaked out of the Soviet Union via the Black Sea, relying on the benevolence of complete strangers to make her way to the .

Whatever her story, the busty pornstar began working in porn at a later stage in life. Her earliest show a woman around the age of thirty making her inroads into men's entertainment. The earliest credit given to her in a film is from in a work called "Auditions," where she played herself.

Hanna Viek also worked under different names. Besides appearing under the name we know best, she was also identified as "Hanna Griffith" in some pictorials, "Natasha" in others, and as "Doris" in multiple spreads in "Gent" magazine through the early . In , this busty star ventured to England and shot naked solo pictures under the name "Zeta."

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This expert fucking machine had the womanly goods to be a porn success

It is easy to see why Hanna Viek's fans thought she was Russian, because of her slightly high cheekbones that are characteristic of Soviet women. And she was beautiful as so many are known to be. Hanna had big, expressive, dark brown eyes that knew how to hold the camera's gaze. She had a small mouth but full lips, which were perfect for wrapping around dicks when this babe was dishing out to the men in her movies. In some of her pictures, you would swear you were looking at Uma Thurman's sister.

But what feature caught men's attention? Those DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cup tits. Those round, copious, . The only word to describe them is "spectacular." Since the rest of Hanna was so slender, her giant boobs stood out like two massive peaks. The way they stood off her chest you would swear she had implants. However, this worked in a time when such enhancements were very, very rare. Also, if anyone can see an implant scar in her photos, they have better vision than 99.99 percent of the people currently living. This whore's tits were apparently real, and they were simply amazing.

The nipples of Hanna were small but stood up on the end of each breast, providing a little contour to her bust line. The fame this gorgeously-shaped woman earned with her bust brought her to the attention of such famous photographers as Harrison Marks, who shot an incredible color series showing off this whore's great boobs and .

Hanna Viek also had thin, legs that featured prominently in her solo work while squatting or lying on a bed for the camera. They terminated up into a shapely, smooth and nicely . Any sane gentleman could imagine being wrapped up by her lower extremities, getting pulled into her hairy pussy and not wanting her to ever break her hold.

Hanna Viek knew her way around a cock and got men off with ease

Of course, the body of a porn star will only take a woman so far. She better be able to perform onscreen to captivate and hold men's attention. Fortunately for Hanna Viek, she had truly amazing sex skills that made her a staple of 1970s pornographic films. Maybe starting in the porn industry later in life meant she had both and experience in her corner, and that made her look so incredibly natural when working.

This owner knew how to play her fingers through her very hairy and dense pussy hair and work her clit, arching her back and achieving screaming with her eyes closed with lust playing across her face.

This fraulein instinctively knew how to draw a cock into her mouth and get it rock hard before offering her hairy cunt or equally-hairy asshole for a hard thrusting. And when her partner was ready to shoot his , she willingly offered up whatever part of her body the guy wanted as a target - face, tits or ass. This busty harlot made it look oh so natural.

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In the skimpiest of outfits, this darling knew how to look into the camera and draw in men

For some reason, this all natural cocksucker appeared completely in the buff in only a tiny portion of her work. She always seemed to be wearing something. See-through was a common theme in her work. So were garters, thigh-high pantyhose, and . However, no matter what it was she had on, this stunner's natural beauty and sexy body came shining through. "Keep it on or take it off - we don't care!" men cried everywhere. They got hard looking at her no matter how she exhibited herself.

Hanna Viek was also creative with not only what she wore but how she portrayed herself to captivate guys. For example, this pornstar did some interesting work with a model named Jolanda in the early where the two were in skimpy bikinis. Of course, our Eastern European pugilist won the contest and showed her dominance over the loser by pinning her down with a firm foot on top of the pussy.

By the time rolled around, it appeared that Hanna's time had come and gone, her porn career spanning 6 years. However, future porn stars need to thank this busty star for helping create the Golden Age in their industry and making adult entertainment the tremendous success it is today.

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Hanna Viek wiki and facts
Years active1978-1984
In business6 years
AliasesHanna Griffith
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