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You visited and house in times gone by and saw the photos hanging on the walls of relatives you never met from many years ago. Because of this experience, you cannot help but feel a little bit guilty looking at of Donna May Brown - a nude Post-War men's Magazines beauty with big floppy tits. This beautiful model's have some striking resemblances to those photos. The same shades of gray and blacks in the images. The same paper quality. Maybe a little light brown image fading around the edges. Similar hairstyles. However, this "Spider Pool Girl" could easily make cocks hard once you focus on her pair of huge MILF boobs, which could compare to gigantic torpedoes.

Alluring Donna May Brown lying in provocative black stockings and heels unveiling a round bottom

Alluring Donna May Brown lies in provocative black stockings and heels unveils a round ass

You don't associate people from the with sex. However, they were no doubt fucking. This was the postwar boom era, after all. Men were banging women and making families. And when you see the nude pictures of this auburn-haired starlet who was known by the nickname "Busty Brown," it is easy to see why mid- men got so horny.

Where did Donna May Brown come from? That information apparently is still under wraps. This was quite shy in real life, and her biographical information is very difficult to find. Donna is still alive, however, and lives in California (USA) with her second husband. After her successful modeling career, she settled down, got married, and started a .

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A stunner with an exceptional body, Donna May Brown was known for her tits but had a knockout ass

Donna May Brown had all the assets to make for a perfect nude model in her time. Her all stood out from her body like missiles and grabbed men's attention. Although her nose was a little too sharp and pointed, her face was cute. The way she looked at the camera and smiled led everyone to believe that she enjoyed exposing her entire body for all the world to see.

Her hair was styled in the typical perm of the era and most likely made men think of her as an everyday "girl next door." And, even rarer for her time, Donna would pose her for the camera lens. Although her bush was certainly not "trim" by modern standards, you can tell she took great care of her body and was always conscious of how she appeared to her admiring male fans.

This vixen with the of course realized that her D-cup tits were the one quality she had that would draw men to her. Donna May Brown posed them in her pictorial work for all the world to see - popping out of bras and shirts, squeezing them together, letting them hang and showing off their massive size and graceful curves. While this asset earned her the nickname "Busty," it was a moniker that she hated. Why she disliked it was beyond reason - the name fits, and she should own it! This was also identified by the aliases Donna Mae Brown, Donna Mae, "Lusty Busty Brown" and "Miss Anatomy Brown" too.

But the most captivating quality of Donna was her . Oh, my gosh - what an ass! It was perfectly shaped with each cheek showing a flawless curve. It was a tush that could drive men to their knees to caress and worship its sexiness.

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An outfit called "The Spider Pool Girls" makes this cutie famous and a favorite with men's magazines

This big-titted model also provided her myriad fans with an even bigger treat. A large portion of her work was posing with other women. Although this work can hardly be described as "lesbian" or "girl on girl" it was such a rare treat in this era that it surely must have captivated men's attention. There are even a couple photos in her series showing Donna May Brown and another model all wrapped up in rope. While not truly images, the hints and implications of bondage are clearly there.

Donna May Brown was part of an entourage called "The Spider Pool Girls" who frequently appeared together in photo shoots. This group got its name from the physical setting of their work. The Spider Pool was a mural that rested on screenplay writer/director Dolores Del Monte, Dixie Evans, Jacquelyn Prescott, Marguerite Empey (a.k.a. Diane Webber), Melody Ward, Candy Paige and Thelma Montgomery.

Obviously, with the assets this stunner possessed, men's magazines flocked to her to pose for their publications. She appeared in the biggest ones of the and , such as "Peep Show," "Frolic" and "Modern Man."

This sexy lady did not limit herself to photographic work, however. She appeared in a few stag films from this era, and this material endures to this day. You can find busty Donna gyrating around on the screen and flaunting her saggy boobs and ass in DVD titles like "Big Bust Loops 38," "Bra Busters from the '50s & '60s" and "Tit Queens from the Past Vol. 5."

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