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Stockings are an old trendy fashion that dates back centuries ago. Reportedly, Queen Elizabeth I was the first woman to popularize them around .

During those vintage eras, stockings were only worn for warmth, and it stayed that way until , when an American company invented nylon stockings.

Nylon stockings were a game changer. They were splashy and sexy as opposed to their predecessors. Our vintage stockings porn videos demonstrate why men went crazy for women in nylon stockings. However, you'll also find stag films in this section going back to the 1910s.

Nylon stockings were worn by prostitutes, the seductive burlesque dancers of the '50s, strippers, and about any other women that wanted men in classical times to break their necks.

We have vintage porn movies from before the nylon stockings - we're talking nostalgic yet quite erotic stag films from the 1910s and the Roaring Twenties.

You should see how quickly the men do away with women's clothes, including the stockings, during sex acts. Some just hike up the girls' skirts and shove their cocks right in with their other clothes on.

See how stockings evolved from a winter attire to an all-season sexy piece of cloth that confused our great grandparents and continue to turn our heads decades later.

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