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There is something to be said for striking while the iron is hot. Linda Schmidt did just that. This busty firecracker first appeared nude in a magazine in . With a pair of monstrous '70s tits and naked hairy cunt, over the next decade she would go on to appear on the covers, and in the pages of men's magazines at least 62 times while becoming one of the most popular models of the 1970s.

Skinny Linda Schmidt aka Laura Lynnwood sunbathing her wet curves in her pool

Skinny Linda Schmidt sunbathes her wet curves in her pool

Linda uses her fantastic tits and sweet, hairy pussy to rise to breast-delicious fame

After getting her first taste of nude modeling, Linda Schmidt was hooked. This big breasted vintage porn star enjoyed posing naked and quickly found that the fans enjoyed her hot, curvy body, big, luscious, natural DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) boobs and . Her early photos start out pretty soft, but sexy.

From the beginning of her career, Linda was not shy about doing full frontal nudity. This made her very popular with fans and photographers alike. Whether she was standing fully nude as she leaned against a wall or if she was showing off her incredible natural body while communing with nature, she looked relaxed, confident and pretty.

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Linda's fit frame, beautiful feet and tight ass make her the total package

Linda Schmidt had two major things going for her that drew fans to her photos. This sizzling retro sex star had an incredible body that looked wonderful , but she also had that "everywoman" vibe about her. With her easy smile and tendency to rely more on her natural beauty than heavy make-up, she seemed like an everyday girl who just so happened to love being naked.

Linda had an underrated ass that likely didn't get utilized like it should have. With her slimmer, fit frame she had a tighter, smaller than many other models, but it was a lovely, pert little package that would fit nicely in your hands. There are a few pictures where she is turned with her back to the camera showing that butt off, but most of the time we get it from a side view or as an afterthought.

While she wasn't a model, there are plenty of great shots of Linda's beautiful feet. Whether she is curled up on a couch , rolling herself into a strange position on the ground or just relaxing in the yard, Linda's sexy feet are often in the shot. She didn't do a lot of toe nail polish, but like her overall look, her toes and feet have a natural beauty to them.

Linda Schmidt gets popular and gets naked in many different places

It didn't take long for Linda's popularity to catch on. After her first appearance, she quickly began popping up in other magazines. With appearances in "Casanova," "Cavalcade," "Fling," "Frolic," "GEM," "Gent," "Men's Digest," "Modern Man," "Nymphet," "38-26-86," "KingSize," "Boobs, Busts & Bazooms" and others she was fast becoming the go to girl when a magazine wanted a hottie with who would do full nudity.

This large-chested classic vixen was working so much that some magazines had her use aliases. She appeared in different magazines under the names Laura Lynnwood, Laura Lynwood, Eleanor, Megan Schmidt, Migan, Linda Smitz, Linda Schmidt and Linda Schmitz at various times.

Her work began to vary as Linda started showing her naughty side. She would lick her scrumptious in one picture or squish her breasts together in another. She relaxed nude in a pool in one hot set, and she soaped up her curvy body in another picture. She showed that she was limber by bending into some pretty wild, sexy poses, and she also wore some very spicy outfits that typically didn't stay on for very long.

Typically, Linda Schmidt wore brunette long hair straight. Pulled back from her face it made her look almost sweet and , but when she pulled it forward and gave it a bit of a curl she suddenly transformed into a sizzling vixen. There are some magazines where she appeared as a including one ball draining hot picture where she is in blonde curls stretched out on a couch fully nude. Her right hand is gently massaging her right tit. The look on her face says she desperately wants some company on that sofa!

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Linda Schmidt does bondage and plays with her monstrous boobs

Near the end of the Linda Schmidt started getting a little edgier in some of her pictures. In the past where she would frequently just pose, now she was playing with her breasts more and touching her body. She would tease her and pinch her nipples. She seemed to enjoy exploring her sexuality on camera.

This lusty busty babe had always appeared solo in her photo shoots, but near the end of her career in she took her biggest risk yet when she appeared with Candy Samples in a kinky scene where the two women dominated a guy for a shoot called "Insatiable" in "Bondage Magazine."

Not long after her only foray into bondage and kink, Linda Schmidt began to fade from the limelight and eventually left the business. She did reappear a number of years later in for a special all-star edition of "Juggs" magazine. Linda appeared in "The Big Book of Breasts" (), there is one photo with her and a photographer.

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Linda Schmidt wiki and facts
Years active1971-1998
In business27 years
AliasesLaura Lynnwood, Laura Lynwood, Megan Schmidt, Linda Smitz, Linda Schmidt, Linda Schmitz
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